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Wood grain? Arc’s Vector Electric Motorcycle Gets New Clothes, Still Works As Batman’s Daily Rider


There are some startups that you just want to see succeed because of the impetuosity of their ideas – and the execution of the product. Arc Motorcycles, a UK-based start-up electric motorcycle manufacturer, is one of those concerns that we hope to be successful.

Not to be confused with movie star Keanu Reeves’ ARCH motorcycles, Arc first raised its ears in 2018 with footage of the base chassis of their Vector prototype, which featured a radical front suspension, unibody frame, a ton of cool technology and performance promises. In addition, there is this prize of $ 117,000.

After three years, a global pandemic and a few near-death calls, which founder buying out the company, Arc has managed to stay afloat (sorry), and new photos show the Vector will retain its basic form seen in 2018. , but now with a bit of stylistic frosting on top.

The first bikes would be heading to customers who supported the original pre-covid crowdfunding campaign. “The architecture shown in the images is now ready for production, and a number of Vector motorcycles meeting production specifications will be available in Spain for final approval and homologation over the next few months,” Arc CEO said. , Mark Truman, in a press release. “Customers are already going through our new commissioning suite in central England to individually customize each Vector motorcycle to be unique.” Want one? Better to place your order as Arc will only produce 399 units this year. You know Bruce Wayne is probably getting a low production figure.

The new photos show the new body, as it is, consists of a small belly section that cleans the engine area and a seat / headlight module that covers the battery box – which is also the main component. of the bicycle frame. The headlights consist of a pair of projection LEDs enhanced by DRL type LED running lights in brackets. The turn signals are neatly integrated into abbreviated winglets that move outward from the headlight. Layer? You bet, and with a price tag like this, you better believe you can get it with some optional finely polished wood trim.

Tech Quick Look: 485-pound bikes will pack 138 horsepower and a whopping 293 pound-feet of torque channeled through a single gear and chain drive. Top speed is limited to 124 mph (200 km / h) and 60 mph arrives in 3.1 seconds. The exotic hub-center front suspension gives the Vector miles of style and if other hub-center systems are a guide, will likely imbue the bike with nice anti-dive stability in the corners, but perhaps at the same time. price of a large turning radius in parking lots. Blackened Öhlins shocks control suspension movement and the wheels are lightweight carbon fiber roll bars.

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Power comes from a pristine 399 volt, 16.8 kWh battery using the latest Samsung battery technology, and Arc claims a range of 436 km / 270 miles on the NEDC cycle, which looks a bit like the numbers from a bike going down town. downwind traffic with a jockey at the controls. Real world numbers? Probably less, as Zero’s SR / S with similar battery and motor numbers couldn’t quite cover 90 miles of highway driving in my test, even under the most careful of the throttle mind.

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But I hope, and most Vector owners are unlikely to undertake long distance rides on their rare and expensive machines anyway. Arc claims the battery can recharge in 40 minutes on a CCS / DC Fast charger.

The Arc Vector is more than just a bike, it’s a whole system. A special, retro-designed Arc helmet also contains a rear pointing camera that powers a heads-up display (HUD) system to keep tabs on traffic, route, bike stats and more. An “Origin” upper-body underwear infused with eight haptic feedback points that plug into sensors on the Vector will give riders a literal shoulder kick when vehicles are in a blind spot, among other warnings. It will also vibrate the bass notes to the beat of whatever the rider is swinging while on the move. The headset, if they can get it to work, would be a technological marvel, though aftermarket HUD systems are emerging as well.

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The Arc Vector shows a way forward for electric motorcycles as they slowly break away from the traditional form factors of their gasoline-powered ancestors. It’s a creative, bespoke machine that, while not focusing on record breaking performance, definitely pushes innovation, form and function forward. Worth the money? I would have to ride one to tell you, but Arc should immediately patent and sell this shirt to the masses.