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Will the Harley-Davidson Bronx finally become a reality?


In 2019, Harley-Davidson made it clear that it wanted to attract young riders to the brand. HD’s image, led by low-slung cruisers, was undoubtedly aging a bit. Naturally, a surefire way to appeal to the younger generation was to get into the sportier side of things. As we now know with the Sportster S, Harley’s definition of “sport” is, well, different from what the industry defines.

When Harley-Davidson debuted the Bronx Concept in 2019, it was clear this bike was something else entirely. Designed as a bare-bones street fighter, the Bronx featured an almost sportbike-like chassis, top-of-the-line suspension, and an all-new engine called the Revolution Max. Of course, the Revolution Max engine would later become a reality with the Pan America and Sportster S, and now even a smaller version of the engine can be found in the recently released Nightster. That said, the Bronx seemed to have fallen into obscurity, with little to no mention of the bike.

The fate of the Bronx was finally decided when new Harley boss Jochen Zeitz announced that several models would be cut. Unfortunately, the Bronx was indeed one of those models, as it was delisted on Harley’s website. Instead of attracting younger, sportier riders, Harley-Davidson attracted a different segment of riders, though not necessarily younger than its existing fan base: adventure riders. The Pan America continues to be an impressive contender in the ADV game, and was undeniably a bold move on the MoCo’s part, as it was the brand’s first motorcycle that wasn’t a retro-style cruiser.

After the launch of the Pan America, HD was expected to launch a new sport machine. Bronx fans, myself included, hoped this would be the bike they were looking for, but alas, the Sportster S wasn’t the sporty bike we thought it was. I mean, it’s a great bike—powerful, head-turning and a really sleek machine, but it still followed the dated Harley cruiser platform. The recently unveiled Nightster is even more reminiscent of things and is even more of a traditional cruiser than the Sportster S.

Is it safe to assume that Harley’s plans to release another departure from the cruiser platform ended with the Pan America? Well, maybe not. You see, in April 2022, Harley-Davidson, through its holding company HD, USA, LLC, filed a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the Bronx name. Could this mean the Bronx is officially back from the dead? At this time, Harley has yet to make an announcement. However, it should also be mentioned that it is possible that Harley renewed the trademark simply in compliance with US trademark law which states that all trademarks not in use as of December 31, 2021 had to be re-registered.