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Why Jasmine McCall would rather invest in real estate than stocks

  • Credit expert Jasmine McCall made $100,000 from digital products in four months.
  • While she still owns stocks, she prefers to invest in real estate.
  • McCall thinks real estate is a more stable and stress-free long-term investment than stocks.
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In 2021, when she was eight months pregnant with her first son, credit expert Jasmine McCall sold affordable digital products like debt repayment planning sheets, home-buying guides focused on credit repair and dispute letter templates. According to records seen by Insider, she made $100,000 in just four months. Now she wants to leverage that money to continue to grow her wealth.

Before launching his credit repair business, the 30-something worked in the technology industry while dreaming of owning investment properties. While working in tech, she met a 27-year-old woman who already owned five properties.

“For me, coming from a poor neighborhood, I had never met someone so young who owned multiple properties,” she says. “I always wanted to invest in real estate and I always thought it took a lot of money. But I found that with good credit you could invest in just about any type of real estate without even having to pay a cent in advance.”

With $100,000 available and a perfect credit rating, McCall is that much closer to realizing his real estate investing dreams. To grow her wealth, she ignores trendier, more volatile investments, like cryptocurrency and hot stocks, and searches for the right investment property.

The daily ups and downs of the stock market stress her out

“I actually have stocks and I’m definitely investing for the long term,” McCall says, but it’s not his first choice for building wealth. While working in tech, McCall maximized perks like employer-sponsored ownership plans (ESOPs), which give employees stock in the company based on how long they worked. During his $126,000 debt repayment journey, McCall even sold some of his stock to pay off a lot of student loan debt.

McCall has also tried day trading and forex trading, but, she says, “I don’t like having a lot of daily anxiety about what the stock market is going to do. It’s super stressful, and it’s is something that takes me away from my quality of life.” For her, real estate seems much more autonomous and stable in the long term.

She can leverage her perfect credit score to invest in real estate

Because McCall has perfect credit and owns her own business, she is now eligible for business credit. McCall says, “If you get your personal credit repaired, score it high enough, now you’re eligible for those business loans that protect you from all those liabilities instead of putting those investments in your personal name.”

Her improved credit rating gave McCall the confidence to ask her successful colleagues, like the aforementioned woman who owned five properties at 27, what to do next so she could create her own streams. long-term passive income in the form of real estate. She learned that “credit is king in the real estate world. It’s stronger than cash,” she says.

McCall is able to make cash offers on investment properties

McCall started researching real estate investing a few years ago, but the process quickly became emotional for her and her husband. She says: “A few years ago we made tons of offers on investment houses. A lot of them were accepted and then the deal fell through because someone beat us with a cash offer. .” At the moment, they are still looking for the ideal property.

Now that McCall is able to leverage her personal and professional credit to borrow money, she is able to place her own cash offer on a property. She remains optimistic about the return on her future investment, telling Insider, “Home values ​​are skyrocketing. So I feel like real estate is a more tangible and predictable investment.”