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Which one offers the best classic beach vacation?


People who enjoy vacationing in New England are faced with many destinations to choose from. With its many beautiful coastal towns, New England is full of great places for a day trip or weekend getaway. From the beautiful village of Kennebunkport, to the wonderful Bar Harbor and fascinating Camden in Maine, to the picturesque New Castle of New Hampshire, to Newport and New Shoreham of Rhode Island to the Borough of Stonington in Connecticut, New England abounds unique and captivating attractions.

In addition, the northeastern region of the United States is also home to alluring islands, such as Chebeague of Maine, Aquidneck of Rhode Island, Grand Isle of Vermont, and Star Island of New Hampshire. However, nothing beats the majesty and uniqueness of Cape Cod Massachusetts and Nantucket Island.

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Cape Cod: a land of magical attractions

Cape Cod is the perfect destination for art lovers and adventurers alike due to its pristine sandy beaches, fun atmosphere, and delicious lobster rolls. With plenty of activities to do, including fishing, kayaking, windsurfing and paddleboarding, the region welcomes more than 5.2 million visitors each year. They come to enjoy the beaches, play golf, explore scenic hiking trails and shop. Plus, people enjoy Cape Cod’s galleries, museums and art studios that showcase the region’s rich culture and unique artwork. The site includes quaint towns where people can go to the beach, such as Hyannis, Brewster, Chatham, Truro, Provincetown, Harwich and Orleans.

Plus, whale watching on Barnstable and Provincetown is a must on Cape Cod. Plus, people can take a bike ride on the area’s rail trail, which runs through Harwich, Dennis, Orleans, Eastham, Wellfleet, and Brewster. Walking the National Seashore, visiting some of Cape Cod’s 14 lighthouses, and watching a sunset at Meneshma are activities one can undertake on Cape Cod. It is also worth trying the flavors of Cranberry Bog and Penuche Pecan ice cream that the peninsula is known for.

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The Unique Wonders of Nantucket Island

Nantucket, a beautiful little island off Cape Cod, sees its population increase from 11,000 to 50,000 every year during the summer months as it welcomes people to witness the majesty of its crystal clear waters and beaches of White sand. The island is famous for being once the whaling capital of the world, and it still offers whaling tours, and people can visit its only whaling museum to this day. With three iconic lighthouses, over 80 miles of beach, and a few iconic museums, the island is a top destination for swimming enthusiasts and art lovers. Visitors to Nantucket enjoy a stroll through the island’s scenic downtown area and visit famous museums, such as the Shipwreck And Lifesaving Museum and the Lightship Basket Museum.

Additionally, tourists visit the island’s most beautiful town, Siasconset, known as Sconset. The town is filled with tiny green gardens wrapped around its wonderful traditional houses and has one of Nantucket’s most wonderful long beaches. People love to swim on Siasconset Beach on a hot summer day. The town also has a Bluff Walk that people can take to take in the scenic views and take one of the best hikes on the east coast. During the Bluff Walk, visitors are stunned by a smooth carpet of colorful wildflowers surrounded by wild bushes that meet the fine white sands of the magical Siasconset Beach.

Cape Cod and Nantucket share many similarities, but each has their own unique flair

While Cape Cod is required to get to Nantucket Island, the two beautiful locations have several differences in the unique style of each. While Cape Cod is a bustling city and an active metropolis, Nantucket Island is a quieter and more secluded summer getaway. The Cape Cod Peninsula is 339 miles long and is made up of 15 towns and villages inhabited by 216,000 people. On the other hand, Nantucket is a small island that is home to only 11,000 people and is 100 miles long. Because of these facts, Cape Cod beaches tend to be busier and more crowded than the serene and calm shores of Nantucket.

In addition, Cape Cod has several restaurant and store chains in its downtown area. On the contrary, Nantucket bans the island’s corporate chains and only operates its own high-end chains. The Nantucket coastline is famous for its quintessential lighthouses and towering cliffs. Plus, getting to Cape Cod can be done exclusively by car. However, to reach Nantucket, one must take the ferry from Cape Cod operating ports such as Hyannis, Harwich or New Bedford. Another option is to fly to Nantucket Memorial Airport. Those looking for long walks, bike rides, hikes, a laid back vibe on beautiful, quiet beaches will enjoy a trip to Nantucket more than Cape Cod. Atlantic Island offers a scenic and tranquil getaway that visitors will carry with them as a memory of life.

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