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Wheelie biker attempt ends in flames


Scary video shows the moment a biker attempt at a dangerous stunt ended in flames – literally. The incident happened in Chicago, Ill. When the stuntman attempted to perform a left drag wheelie, but ended up hitting another motorcycle, which then caused a massive fire. Miraculously, both riders managed to come out of the crash without fatal injuries, although one of them suffered a broken arm in the collision and the fire that followed. Images of the hair-raising crash were shared by ViralHog.

The sequence begins with a group of bikers heading towards a tunnel. According to the person who shared the video, “a runner attempted a left drag wheelie” as the group made their way down the road. Unfortunately, he lost control while performing the stunt.

“During this attempt his ‘pancake’ bike on the left side dragging the rider behind him,” the video description reads. The motorcycle slid into the left lane and collided with another rider who was already pitching. The second bike tipped over, landing on its gas tank. The gas leak that occurred after that contributed to the massive fire captured in the video.

“The second bike rolls over, lands on the gas tank and ruptures the tank releasing most of its gas and ignites with sparks, causing a massive fire,” said the person who shared the video. “I was told both runners were doing fine, but one of them broke his arm,” he added.

According to CBS News, the crash happened during a motorcycle encounter in Chicago last month in which hundreds of bikers participated.

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