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We’d take these 500cc bikes on a liter bike any day


Motorcycles have come a long way from the simple machines Harley Davidson built, evolving into the complex V-Twin and V4 monsters we see roaming the streets today. Climbing up through the categories is something all other runners look forward to. The difference in riding experience between a 300cc bike and a 500cc bike is simply phenomenal. With the latter, you get more grunts, better handling, and a lot more fun being pushed back by a ridiculous amount of torque that only superbike owners would experience a few years ago.

And then there are the one liter, synonymous with crazy performance and light track bikes. While most 500cc bikes don’t stand a chance compared to larger displacement machines, some are so well made and thrilling that we would rather ride them on a litrebike any day.

Harley-Davidson Street 500

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If you want to ride in a classic American cruiser, then the Harley Davidson Street 500 is a perfect choice. Its low profile design makes it fairly easy to handle, even in the hands of complete novices. The seated position also adds to the comfort of the bike.

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Looking at the performance, there isn’t much you can fault. This makes the Harley-Davidson Street a great motorcycle not only for riding on weekends, but also for commuting. Plus, the Street 500 is the most economical and manageable way to enter the Harley Davidson fleet.

Honda CB500X

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Honda has produced several large 500cc motorcycles over the years. And if you like cruisers then you will find

many bikes from the company’s extensive catalog. Alternatively, if you want something that will blow your mind straight away, then the Honda CB500X is a great choice.

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This crazy machine is designed to handle any terrain you can make your way through. It offers excellent off-road capability, packed in a compact, easy-to-handle package that you can use not only on weekends but also every day. The CB500X is powered by a powerful and highly responsive 471cc twin-cylinder engine, delivering one of the most thrilling rides you can get in a 500cc two-wheeler.

Royal Enfield Bullet Trials 500

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The Royal Enfield Bullet Trials 500 is the kind of bike you would want to buy if you are looking for something with a little more classic appeal. The motor that powers the Bullet Trials 500 is the same energetic power supply that powers the Bullet 500.

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This 499cc single cylinder engine makes a breathtaking noise thanks to its raised exhaust. the bike has mudguards, raised handlebars and crossbar brace which provides superb performance on dirt roads. But it’s not just a demonstration piece. Of course, it’s not the most powerful 500cc bike you can buy, but its track and road performance is what makes it unique.

Kawasaki ER-5

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The Kawasaki ER-5 perfectly balances performance and utility. This was in part made possible by its clever construction. The frame, for example, has been reduced to the essentials. This improves his ability to drive in the city.

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At the heart of the ER-5 is a liquid-cooled, 498cc DOHC four-stroke engine that’s powerful enough for all purposes. However, it is not too big to intimidate novices. This power unit is also surprisingly lean and efficient, making the Kawasaki ER-5 one of the most economical 500cc motorcycles you can ride.

Honda rebel 500


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The Honda Rebel 500 is not only a great motorcycle, but also a motorcycle that sells for an attractive price. This tasteful machine perpetuates the high quality of the Rebel 300 on which it is built. The Rebel 500 boasts unparalleled efficiency, incredible handling and agility that favors both the pro and the novice.

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The only unexpected thing if you run through the Rebel 300 is how much more grunt that 471cc parallel twin engine can give you. However, despite being more powerful, this engine is still user-friendly for someone entering the world of 500cc for the first time. The styling is breathtaking, with the bike equipped with excellent suspension and a host of customizable options.

Suzuki GS500



An exciting entry-level 500cc motorcycle that will be user-friendly in your pocket, then the Suzuki GS500 is a great choice for seasoned riders and beginners alike. This bike has a clean, understated aesthetic complemented by superb performance.


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This bike’s powertrain sends 40 hp to the rear wheel, which for experienced riders might not be the kick you’d expect from a bike in this class. But for the newer riders, for whom this machine is designed, this horsepower is more than enough and is a noticeable improvement over a 250cc or 300cc motorcycle.

Kawasaki Ninja 500R

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If entry-level bikes aren’t your cup of tea anymore, then the Kawasaki Ninja 500R might just be the serious machine you’re looking for. This bike speaks of performance just by its position. The riding position is aggressive with the Ninja styling giving a stern warning to anyone who underestimates this bike.


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However, beginners can still access all the performance that this bike has to offer. Surprisingly, the Kawasaki

The Ninja 500R can be very user-friendly with smooth power delivery which makes it quite manageable. The

the handling is also fantastic. Fair price and fuel economy seal the deal for this awesome


Honda CB500R

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If you want more performance but at a lower price, then the Honda

CB500R could be an interesting choice. But here’s the catch, this machine can’t handle rough terrain.

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However, no one interested in a performance bike would want to take it on a trail. The Honda CB500R is built for speed, although it serves primarily as an entry-level superbike. It is powered by a 471cc parallel twin engine which was installed in the CB500X. However, this bike has been fine-tuned for performance. This insane power unit is paired with superb suspension, big brakes and a lightweight steel tube frame.

Royal Enfield 500 Ball

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Some enthusiasts claim that this is the best 500cc bike you can get on the market. The Royal Enfield Bullet 500 packs everything you would expect from a real 500cc bike … except speed. Yes, it is not the fastest 500cc motorcycle.

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The Bullet 500 combines the classic styling ethic of Royal Enfield, boasting a simple design but tough construction. The price tag is also very justifiable, given the capacity and effectiveness of this stunner. This explains why it is one of the oldest production motorcycles in the world.

Kawasaki Vulcan 500LTD

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Kawasaki doesn’t have a very big portfolio when it comes to the 500cc and under class, and the Vulcan 500LTD is easily the coolest choice for a classic Kawasaki 500cc.

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Not only does it look timeless, but its liquid-cooled four-stroke engine is as powerful as ever, delivering 32 lb-ft of torque at 7,300 rpm. The bike fits anywhere and is the perfect daily cruiser, suitable for both novice riders and experts alike.

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