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Vintage Motorcycle Artist Preserving Abington’s History – CBS Boston


ABINGTON (CBS) – Abington was originally spelled “Abingdon” with a “D” after the English town. A note in the original petition incorrectly put a “T” and the new spelling stuck. Now Abington has its English history preserved in a different way.

Pick a decade and Marcelo Villada probably has a motorcycle from that year in his vintage collection. Up to 33 motorcycles now, his fascination with British motorcycles accelerated when he moved from Argentina to the United States.

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“20 years ago I was lucky enough to own one, and that’s how my collection began,” Villada said.

Owning a bike was the first step. Riding it needed a little more elbow grease.

“I give the guy the money, the guy gave me the title and the key and the bike and said, ‘Hey good luck.’ And I said, ‘Okay, what’s next?’ I didn’t know how to mount it.

This first bike was a 4-stroke. Then a 2 stroke. Today it has gone to a brush stroke.

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“It has to be the music, me and my painting. That’s it.”

Three years and 300 pieces later, his process is completely fine-tuned. Marcelo has a carpentry shop next to his studio where he creates his custom canvases. Doubling down on its one-of-a-kind approach. He only uses one paint called “One Shot”.

Vintage has become somewhat mainstream in recent years and it’s quite easy to get a sign made. But Marcelo says his customers are looking for authenticity.

“They don’t want vinyl. They don’t want a computer. They just want to hand paint it, and that comes from a motorcycle enthusiast like me.

And with each finished piece, the story of the bike continues.

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“That’s how I try to preserve the history of the bike.”