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VinFast eScooters are coming to America


Electrek reported a few weeks ago about a new electric scooter company coming to America. What’s different with VinFast is that it doesn’t just import scooters into the United States, it also imports a factory: The North Carolina plant, Electrek reports, is set to start later this year, with production slated to begin in 2024. The slippages have reportedly been greased with a $1.2 billion incentive package from the state. There is no need to worry about US tax funds going to China, as VinFast is headquartered in City of Hanoi, Vietnam.

Although then-President Trump dissolved the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement with Vietnam and a group of other trading partners in 2017, Vietnam and 10 other countries went ahead and signed the Comprehensive Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (CPTPP) in March, 2018. Since then, bilateral trade between the United States and Vietnam has increased and is expected to continue to flourish. In fact, as US-China relations deteriorate, Vietnam benefits. Now they are on our side!

The VinFast website features seven scooters divided into three categories: High Class, Intermediate, and Common. To MOwe go directly to High Class each time.

Your Theon Will is a 3500 watt upper class number supposed to be good for around 60 mph. Its LFP battery charges in 6 hours, but we don’t see a range specification. In fact, the spec chart is pretty sketchy, but you can see the twin shocks, chain drive, decent sized wheels (14in maybe?) and brakes come with ABS. The list price of 69,900,000 Vietnamese dong is US$2,988.46 today, but not include battery. There, apparently, you rent your battery for around $17 a month. It looks like the Theon is one of the models VinFast will import or build here, as one of their spec tables is titled “US Product Specs”.

There’s also a simple Theon that will only do 90 km/h (55 mph), with no US spec chart.

High class Wind goes also lists US specs and looks set to be top of the line, with its 5200 watt battery. In this case, more watts doesn’t mean more speed, which peaks at 55 mph – and smaller tires don’t really mean high performance either. VinFast specs a range of 160km for this one, however, roughly 100 miles – but that’s at an average speed of 18mph. If you weigh 143 lbs. Yours for 56 million dong in Vietnam, or $2,394.

“Intermediate class” scooters include the Feliz Will, which also lists US specs and sells for a bargain price of $1,278 in Vietnam. Say, it’s almost in my price range. Unfortunately, the top speed is 48.5 mph.

Either way, this all sounds fun to us, as the only other e-scooters available are the somewhat pricey BMW CE 04 and a few Chinese models. More information here on the VinFast website.