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UCO Grad in critical condition after motorcycle accident in Thailand


A family is asking for help after one of their own was involved in a horrific motorbike accident in Thailand.

Alexis Garcia just got his MBA from the University of Central Oklahoma in December. To celebrate, he wanted to travel. He was due back last week when his vacation took a turn for the worse.

“He was actually heading for the airport. He was near the airport and this whole incident happened,” Karina Owens said.

Garcia had a motorcycle accident. His family found out when a nurse answered his cell phone.

“The lady who was the nurse spoke Thai. My mom ended up facing him and the nurse showed the condition my brother was in. At that time he was intubated and in a coma,” Anahi Garcia said.

Thailand is 12 hours ahead. The Garcias siblings said the hardest part was being so far away and knowing they couldn’t be by their brother’s side.

“It was really difficult the first days without an interpreter. Even with a translator in fact, because we were right in front of schedules. We would spend sleepless days and nights trying to communicate with them because that’s when they’re up and that’s the only time they would do anything for us,” Erick said. Garcia.

Garcia’s parents recently arrived in Thailand. They say he’s in critical condition, but things are looking up. The family hopes to be at his side to accompany him in this ordeal.

“The hospital he is currently in does not accept the insurance we have, so we are paying out of pocket,” said Erick Garcia.

“Me and my brother here are trying to cover their expenses while the GoFundme goes for them over there for my brother and his medical bills,” Owens said.

You can find the link to the GoFundme HERE.

In addition to donations, the family asks for prayers during this time.