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Turkish woman begins solo tour of Africa on motorbike



Asil Özbay is no stranger to Africa where she made a 60-day trip to Morocco, but for the first time, she is embarking on a journey of the continent alone. The scholar, who teaches at the Faculty of Sports Sciences at Istanbul Gedik University, wants to set an example for his female colleagues for solo world tours.

She has already traveled thousands of kilometers in dozens of countries across Europe and Asia to dream of touring the world on a motorcycle and in Africa, she aims to shoot a documentary of her solo trip.

She is expected to start her trip to Africa later Tuesday with a flight to Kenya as she could not use the highway due to security and pandemic reasons. As on her previous trips, she plans to shoot documentaries reflecting the tribes, village life and daily life on the African continent.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA) about his 19 years of passion for motorcycles, zbay said motorcycle travel is full of challenges and charm. “I especially prefer to visit less traveled areas,” she said, adding that she enjoys producing objective digital content and sharing it with communities. Özbay, who takes to the road with the aim of bringing together different cultures, said this year’s trip to Africa has goals than previous ones. “This time it is both a journey and a journey of discovery, and I will also be open to scientific collaborations,” she said, adding that with her university, they plan to offer scholarships to promising students who wish to study in Turkey.

She also tries to create the profile of a Turkish woman who travels alone across continents by land for global media. Emphasizing the social aspect of her solo trips, zbay said she receives hundreds of inspirational messages. She tries to prove to people that there is nothing that cannot be achieved with passion. She said that she will produce both daily digital content and digital content in Africa and that she wants to convey the wonders of the continent as much as possible. She pointed out that motorcycles are usually associated with men and added: “People are surprised when they see me on this huge motorcycle. It makes me happy and motivated.

Özbay said she plans to document the tribes that still exist in Africa and she is so excited about it. Traveling alone with a motorcycle, she said, enhances the sense of responsibility and improves the ability to produce solutions in times of crisis.

Ahead of her trip, Özbay prepared for the hot weather she will face on the mainland and took a tent with her that will serve as her home. “I will pitch my tent and stay in places that I find safe, but I prefer hotels and hostels that have parking lots and that will keep my motorcycle safe,” she said. “In terms of safety, I research the country first. I’m going to go, I try to make connections before I go. But I always have pepper spray with me. I never have it. used and I hope I never have to.

It will begin its African adventure, which will cover approximately 30,000 kilometers (18,641 miles) in six months, from Kenya and will continue in sub-Saharan countries such as Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Zambia.