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Top 5 highlights: Honda H’Ness CB 350


Despite limited availability through the Honda BigWing network, the Honda H’Ness CB continues to do well. Here are the top 5 motorcycle highlights.

The Honda H'ness CB 350 is one of the most beautiful motorcycles in its segment.

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The Honda H’ness CB 350 is one of the most beautiful motorcycles in its segment.

The Honda H’Ness CB 350 was launched with the idea of ​​targeting the Royal Enfield 350cc range of motorcycles squarely, which was bolstered by the arrival of the Honda H’ness CB 350. It is about an elegant neo-retro roadster from Honda. and will compete in the segment of modern classic 350-500 cc high volume motorcycles. The Honda H’Ness CB 350 is available in two variants, CB 350 DLX and CB 350 DLX Pro. The DLX Pro variant gets two-tone colors and has the Honda smartphone voice control system, which the DLX variant does not. Here are the top 5 highlights of the Honda H’Ness CB 350.


(Honda H’Ness CB 350, wears a modern classic design, in line with the Honda CB series roadsters from the Japanese brand’s history. Specifically, the design is reminiscent of the Honda CB roadsters of the 1960s and 1970s)


(The engine of the H’ness CB 350 develops 20.8 hp at 5,500 rpm and 30 Nm at 3,000 rpm. The 5-speed gearbox is accessed via a slip clutch with power assist function. which requires less load on the clutch lever, compared to a regular clutch. The slipper function reduces unpleasant shocks during aggressive downshifts and will prevent the wheel from jamming)



(The H’Ness CB 350 benefits from features such as Honda selectable torque control, standard dual channel ABS, voice-activated smartphone system, Bluetooth connectivity).


(The Honda H’Ness CB 350 DLX is priced at 189,905 while the DLX Pro is priced at 195,905. Both prices are excluding showroom, Delhi. Honda currently has 5 BigWing Topline dealers in Gurugram, Bengaluru , Mumbai, Cochin and Indore., And 18 BigWing dealers in India. The bike is only available through BigWing dealers)


(The Honda CB 350 is HMSI’s take on the modern 350-500 cc classics segment, dominated by the Royal Enfield Classic 350. The Honda CB 350 will take on the Classic 350, along with other rivals like the Jawa and the Benelli Imperiale 400. But the biggest rival of the CB 350 is the Royal Enfield Meteor 350)

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