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These celebrities ride the coolest custom bikes


We all have our own unspeakable passion outside of work. For some, it may be oil painting, or mastering Jiu Jitsu on the rugs, or even activating chef mode in the home kitchen. Either way, it’s something that draws us on a personal level, giving us a deeper sense of joy. Maybe it even slows down time or stops the clock, allowing us to live in the moment. For these eight celebrities, it’s all about riding some of the coolest custom motorcycles.

Let’s take a look at these familiar faces who all share a common passion in their spare time; ride some of the hottest custom motorcycles to ever hit the road!

Keanu Reeves and the KRGT-1

Keanu Reeves, right, with his Arch KRGT-1 super cruiser

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In addition to wowing crowds as “John Wick”, Keanu Reeves has a deep passion for motorcycles and everything associated with them. In 2011, Reeves created Arch Motorcycle Company with his business partner with the goal of redefining what it means to ride American-made motorcycles. Their signature model, the KRGT-1, was designed with the intention of incorporating elegance and superior craftsmanship, with monstrous power and control. In addition to leaving an impressive mark on the motorcycle community, the KRGT-1 has created its own niche market of dedicated riders.

Keanu Reeves Ark KRGT-1

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But Reeves’ love for horseback riding extends even further as he houses his own private collection of bikes, including the one and only Ducati 996 (998) famous for his appearance in Matrix Reloaded.

Jay Leno and the dark shadow of Vincent

Jay-Leno-Moto- (1) - Ride-Apart

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Every automotive guru knows the famous Jay Leno and his vast collection of automobiles, however, many may be surprised to find that Leno has also amassed an impressive motorcycle CV over the years. Choosing a favorite isn’t as easy as it looks, as Jay’s bikes come with more bells and whistles than you can count! On top of that, “nostalgia” and “priceless” are two words you might find yourself saying as you walk through her garage full of treasures.


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There is a little more special for Jay than others, however, and that is the Vincent Black Shadow. Advertised in 1948 as “The World’s Fastest Production Motorcycle” peaking at 125 mph, Jay’s Vincent black shadow The version is equipped with a 5-speed gearbox, electric start and much more, which makes it one of a kind!

Brad Pitt and the Custom Chopper

Brad Pitt on a motorcycle

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Never seen The Curious Case of Benjamin Button? Brad Pitt sailing the 1931 Red Indian 101 Scout will forever remain an iconic scene. But that’s not the only bike you’ll see Mr. Pitt riding on. In fact, you might catch him riding a plethora of different bikes from his own personal supply.

Brad Pitt on a bike

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One of her favorites is the bespoke low profile chopper seen in the image above. Although impressive, its arsenal contains many other hidden gems such as the Scotland Titanium Series XX at $ 300,000 or the Ducati Desmosedici RR. Not all of them are available to your average buyer.

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Rose and the Custom Indian Motorcycle

Rose and motorbike

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It’s not every day that you see a female celebrity having fun in the streets with motorcycles. This is exactly what pink does, and with a lot of style!

Rose on her bike

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Known for having a driving history, aside from marrying a former motocross pro with a knack for building custom bikes, Pink has every reason to impress with her rides. One of them is his Indian motorcycle personalized by Cary Hart.

David Beckham and the British Customs T100 DBSC

via Anaheim Rod and Custom

Who doesn’t love a Triumph in perfect condition? David Beckham is definitely a fan and is often seen roaming the streets on his Bonneville T100 DBSC British Customs model, made exclusively for him. So exclusive that the exact model is not made available to the general public.

David Beckham sitting next to his motorbike


Equipped with off-road gear and rugged vintage gear, this ride will take you back in time and preserve the very essence of what driving really is.

Tom Cruise and the Vyrus 987

The expensive Vyrus Uber

by mirror

Talk about speed! The Vyrus 987 C3 4V is an absolute beast, and a Tom Cruise handles comfortably on the road. Along with a few others, the Vyrus is an extremely unique future bike. Easily regarded as one of the fastest production motorcycles in the world with a whopping 200 hp, it’s not a force to be laughed at.

Vyrus 987 C3 4V parked outside

Via onlymotorbikes.com

To break down the stats, the Vyrus is more powerful than the Ducati Desmosedici RR, MV Agusta F4 312RR and Suzuki Hayabusa. Now go back and read that sentence again … The next time you have doubts about Tom Cruise, just remember the 200 horsepower rocket he straps to – without the strap!

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Justin Timberlake and the Custom Harley

Justin Timberlake on bike

Via zimbio.com

Surprise or expected? Justin Timberlake has been seen coming and going from restaurants around LA since 2009 on his custom Harley-Davidson.

Justin Timberlake with a bike

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Unlike some of the others on this list, Justin doesn’t have an amazing collection of motorcycles, but he does know how to appreciate and appreciate a bike that will stand the test of time. Showcased with chrome details and badges, this bike can be a glittering work of art while still retaining the classic symbolism of a Harley.

Jason Mamoa and “Mabel”

Jason Momoa with Mabel

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One celebrity who easily fits the description of a “Backroad Biker” is Jason Mamoa. Known for having a quality Harley-Davidson collection, Jason favors the very first motorcycle he bought at age 19, the 1956 Harley-Davidson Panhead, modified with a 1948 front end.


The bike has so much sentimental value that he named it “Mabel” after his grandmother and featured it in his 2014 film, Paloma road. Talk about vintage gold, this bike represents every scene in every movie, where the protagonist walks into the old weathered barn; remove the dusty tarp to reveal the Lost Road Warrior below.

Justin-Timberlake - 1967-Pontiac-GTO-Cabriolet-1

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