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These are 8 of the best retro motorcycles



Classic motorcycles appeal to almost everyone, but not everyone wants carburetors and starters. The good news is that today there is a fleet of modern, retro-styled motorcycles in almost every showroom. These bikes offer a classic road presence with modern performance.

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Longing is such a powerful draw, and who knows why? Well, maybe it’s because a lot of people want to review their experiences in high school? Others want to live the life they could never have afforded when they were young, and others want to feel unique on the freeway. Whatever the reason, retro motorcycles offer the best way to relive the past. Read on for eight of the best retro bikes available today.

Honda rebel


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Honda Rebel has always been one of the best cruising motorcycles you can buy. The Rebel models perfectly combine classic styling with modern features to deliver a bike that conquers the heart of every rider. The Rebel is built on a lightweight chassis and features a low seat and legendary Honda premium quality.


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The Honda Rebel features a fresh and unique retro design that sets it apart from regular traditional bikes. The best part about this bike is that, when traditional cruisers are only fun when driven slowly, the Honda Rebel improves as the road opens up and gets twisty.

Yamaha SR400


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The SR400 is one of the best small motorcycles available on the market today. It’s a legendary classic offering that’s a kick to go. It features a unique retro styling and one of the best performing small engines, a 399cc air-cooled engine.


Via yamahamotorsports.com

To make it even more retro-authentic, the SR400 comes with a kick-starter as the only way to get the powertrain running, a fantastic way to win the hearts of old-school diehards. The easy-to-use kick-starter makes the Yamaha SR400 an authentic representation of the good old days.

Ducati Scrambler Sixty2


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The first Scrambler appeared in 1962 as the most affordable Ducati, a feature it retains to this day. The Sixty2 is the most popular of all Scramblers. It is inspired by the youth culture of skateboarding and surfing, and pop music. Its unique styling features dedicated graphics that make it a head-turning staple.

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The Scrambler Sixty2 features a machine-finished aluminum-clad air-cooled L-twin engine. Its tall, wide handlebars and round steel mirrors complement its stunning design perfectly. Its 790mm seat offers a comfortable and relaxed ride.

Moto Guzzi V7 Stone II


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Moto Guzzi is a unique brand that has been around for 100 years. The company remains unique because of its authentic retro appeal, and the V7 Stone II proves it beyond a reasonable doubt. This bike features a moderately sporty forward lean riding position that does not put pressure on the wrists. And there is enough legroom.


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The Stone II has a beautiful, timeless profile, appealing to old riders as well as the young to come. Its stylish fuel tank is also available in red and black.

Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight


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The Forty-Eight first arrived in 2010 as Harley-Davidson’s call to millennial riders looking for an imposing presence on the road with the look and feel of the good old days classic. It is one of Harley’s Sportster models and it offers drivers a compact and aggressive driving experience.


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The Forty-Eight is powered by an iconic V-Twin engine renowned for its impressive low-end torque. Lightweight aluminum cylinder heads and cylinders improve the efficiency of the bike. From that massive engine comes a satisfying soundtrack that makes sure everyone around is informed of its presence.

BMW R nine T



The BMW R 18 is one of the most exciting retro motorcycles. The R nine T is a more accessible and lighter version of that iconic retro. It comes with the same V Twin powertrain but with a smaller displacement of 1,170cc and wet weight of 489 lbs.

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Along with its iconic retro styling, the R nine T is an easy-to-use motorcycle that appeals to riders of all skill levels, beginners and seasoned alike. Its saddle height is 31.7 inches, making it a perfect ride for riders of all sizes.

Norton Commando 961


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Norton has had its fair share of mistakes in its motorcycle production history, but the 961 Commando is not one of them. The bike closely follows the designer of its original version, Kenny Dreer, and it offers more than the nostalgic feel of classic retro motorcycles. The bike is as gorgeous as any other Norton, and its silhouette shimmers.


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The pushrod twin engine powering the Norton Commando has evolved considerably over the years. From the seat, the 961 is a fairly large and roomy roadster. Its stability and handling are all quite intuitive and natural, and its suspension and brakes are chic, sleek and efficient.

Kawasaki W800


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The W800 is a tribute to the 1966 Kawasaki W1, a British motorcycle inspired motorcycle where every rider wanted to look and feel like their true favorite racers. The W1 inspired iconic racing bikes such as the Z1 and the Ninja H2.


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The Kawasaki W800 offers bikers a powerful entry into the retro cafe racer segment. It is powered by a 773cc vertical twin four-stroke engine tuned for good performance. The W800 is equipped with clean, modern fuel injection that effectively complements the plentiful torque.


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