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The personalized Moto Guzzi 1000SP “Tridente” combines Italian manufacturing with a vintage feel


More than two decades have passed since Filippo Barbacane founded Officine Rossopuro in the coastal town of Pescara, Italy. However, this man’s passion for customizing motorcycles dates back to 1992, when Filippo took his first steps in the field of custom two-wheelers. Six years later, he founded what would become one of the most prestigious workshops on the Italian peninsula.

Initially, the Abruzzo-based company was more than happy to use just about any manufacturer’s machines as the basis for their exploits, but the team’s focus gradually narrowed to entities of Moto Guzzi in the years that followed. Of course, it didn’t take long for the exceptional level of fit and finish of their projects to catch the industry’s attention.

What followed was basically tantamount to a musician’s rise to stardom. Over time, Officine Rossopuro’s masterpieces have made several appearances at motorcycle shows across the country, further strengthening the team’s reputation as the go-to Guzzi expert on the Adriatic coast. We’ve showcased many of their self-evolution businesses in the past, and we’ll never hesitate to shed more light on the remarkable businesses of these people.

On that note, we take the liberty of introducing “Tridente” – the mother of all 1000SP custom spadas! To be fair, we’ve grown used to seeing the Barbican pros go above and beyond with every build, but we’ll never stop being impressed with the high-level craftsmanship that is at work under their roof.

Before landing at the Rossopuro premises, the successful candidate for this feat had already been fitted with premium 35mm (1.4 inch) forks and Bitubo twin shocks. The team kicked off the shoe department, where they replaced the bike’s original shoes with Borrani rims, alloy hubs and a stainless steel spoke set. Then the surgeons at Filippo overhauled the front brakes using premium Brembo components for a hefty dose of extra stopping power.

With these adjustments in place, the team’s attention shifted to the creature’s aesthetic. Thus, the standard bodywork was dropped in its entirety, giving way to an elegant outfit that was crafted in-house using traditional metal-shaping techniques. The new outfit consists of a sexy gas tank, triangular side panels and a unique pair of handmade mudguards.

Glancing behind the fuel chamber, we are greeted by a bespoke solo seat, which concludes the main cosmetic changes. You’ll also find an assortment of CNC machined accessories, such as adjustable footrests and custom engine mounts, among other goodies. Although most builders would go for LED lighting, Barbacane considers LEDs not entirely appropriate for a project with retro DNA.

So he decided to opt for halogen modules, all powered by a revised electrical system. While we’re on this topic, it’s worth mentioning that Tridente comes equipped with a modern electronic ignition system, state-of-the-art voltage regulator, and aftermarket starting setup. Once these items were installed, it was time to take care of the plumbing. Rossopuro’s assistants therefore contacted their exhaust specialist, MASS Moto.

After consulting with Filippo, the pros at MASS made a brilliant two-into-two system to the specifications of the first. The piping ends in reverse megaphone style mufflers that are guaranteed to sound as smooth as they sound. Finally, the whole structure has been treated with a groovy color scheme, which incorporates a mix of silver and metallic green, as well as red stripes.

As for the inspiration behind the name, the trident symbol is often associated with Poseidon, the god of the sea in Greek mythology. Considering that Officine’s client spent a good deal of his time in the Italian Navy, we think his motorcycle’s nickname couldn’t be more apt.