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The modernized Harley-Davidson Dyna is now called BlueRock, and it’s unique


Starting in the early 1990s, the American bicycle maker Harley-Davidson introduced the Dyna range, a new breed of two-wheelers featuring the then still rather new Evolution engine. The range proved successful enough to be kept in production for almost two decades until it was abruptly replaced in 2018 by an improved Softail range.

Although it’s been around for so long and is extremely popular with some riders, you don’t see as many Dyna getting personalized work as other models from Harley’s past and present. But when you surface, it feels like the wait was worth it.

Kind of like this two-wheeler here, bearing the official BlueRock name and modified into a custom Dyna piece by a Japanese store called Bad Land.

Starting with a stock 2011 model, Bad Land decided to give the bike its usual magic, making it unique and desirable. Clad in a blue paint scheme over the main body parts, offset throughout by incredible volumes of shiny chrome, the BlueRock is certainly an interesting tribute to the Dyna family.

The build toggles a lot of custom bits. It all starts with the custom wheels, 21-inch front and 18-inch rear, and wrapped in Avon Cobra tires. Higher are the redesigned fenders, a much more prominent headlight up front and a single large seat in the rear.

The workshop behind the build helped, in addition to assembling the thing, the handlebars, the air filter and the unique exhaust that allows the otherwise unchanged engine to breathe. These bits are topped with a Ken’s Factory mirror, handle and footrest, and a SJP triple shaft.

Bad land doesn’t usually tell people how much to build, so we don’t have any estimate for this one. For reference though, we’ll tell you that Dyna stock sold at the time for around $ 15,000.