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The American Harley-Davidson Rocker is remade in Japan as a tribute to France


Take the Rocker, for example. Born in 2008, this particular two-wheeler did not exist for long. Made in two variations, Rocker and Rocker C, it came out three years after its first appearance, and it’s been generally a quiet presence in the world since.

Yet when an established custom store gets their hands on one and decides to revive it as a custom engineering piece, the Rocker genre feels appealing again.

Called, in a nod to the French capital, Rocker’s Paris (it’s unclear why this name was chosen), this build here, based on a 2010 Rocker, belongs to a Japanese store called Bad Land, of which we have presented the work before. Just like the other constructions of this boutique that we have talked about so far, Paris is also a testament to carefully designed pieces and pieces, brought together harmoniously to give birth to something unique for sure.

Maintaining the elongated appearance of the original Rocker, Bad Land modified the Softail with the usual mix of parts from different stores, although admittedly a lot less than we’re used to.

Manufactured in-house by the Japanese, for example, are the headlight, handlebars, exhaust and front and rear fenders. These bits were designed to work with the Ken’s Factory handle, mirror, turn signals, footrests and shifter, and the entire build was then rigged onto a custom, 23-inch wheelset. inches in the front and 18 inches in the back.

We are not told if any modifications were made to the engine of the motorcycle, other than equipping the two-wheeler with a custom exhaust system. The cost of construction is also something Bad Land is unwilling to share, but for reference we remind you that the price of the stock at the time was close to $ 18,000 which would be d ‘around $ 22,000 today.