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The 40-year-old Norton Commando 850 Interstate from 1974 looks really thrilling


If your driving habits call for a sporty tourer who eats asphalt for breakfast, this bad boy is a perfect fit for you.

This 1974 Norton Commando 850 Interstate has been owned by a single individual for the past four decades, during which it has driven approximately 20,000 miles. The bike’s analog odometer displays total mileage at a reasonable 29k (47,000 km), and you’ll find an assortment of premium items adorning this creature from head to toe.

Starting with the tweaks that weren’t immediately apparent, the Norton Predator received a modern battery, premium fuel lines, and a new drive chain in 2020. The wheels of the machine were wrapped in Avon RoadRider rubber for good grip on the tarmac, and its front end has been treated with a tiny but efficient windshield.

While not in the description of the Commando, we’re inclined to think that its dual exhaust system and dual saddle are from the aftermarket realm as well. There’s a single Dell’Orto 34mm (1.3in) carburetor that takes pride of place at the end of the combustion cycle, and that sizable rear rack should have you covered on long journeys.

As for its technical specifications, the ’74 MY Commando 850 Interstate is powered by an air-cooled 828cc parallel twin that develops up to 60bhp at around 6,200rpm. The punch is routed to the chain-driven rear hoop via a four-speed transmission, achieving a top speed of 125 mph (201 km / h).

The suspension functions are provided by telescopic forks and dual shock absorbers, while a single brake disc and traditional drum are responsible for providing sufficient stopping power. Norton’s old school relic is up for auction on Bring a Trailer right now, and you can feel free to submit your bids until Thursday, January 6. At the time of this article, the top bidder is willing to spend $ 3,000 in freedom. on this well-maintained English classic.

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