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Tests Show Exro’s Coil DriverTM Technology Improves Electric Motorcycle Performance and Improves Efficiency

  • Exro conducted new performance and efficiency tests using a 100-Volt Coil Driver and Electric Motor from Zero Motorcycles demonstrating the ability of Exro’s 100-Volt Coil Driver to significantly increase horsepower motor in light electric vehicles.
  • Coil Driver improved horsepower and torque and improved high speed efficiency with real results aligned with simulated results.
  • The latest results confirm Exro’s increasingly strong competitive position in the light electric mobility market and support Exro’s growing brand recognition in the market for affordable light electric vehicle solutions.

CALGARY, Alta., March 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Exro Technologies Inc. (TSX: EXRO) (OTCQB: EXROF) (the “Company” or “Exro”), a leading cleantech company that has developed a new class of power electronics for electric motors and batteries, today announced it has completed side-by-side testing, using Exro’s 100-volt coil driver and Zero Motorcycles‘ premium OE electric powertrain. The results validate Coil Driver performance in electric motorcycles and demonstrate the ability of Exro’s 100 Volt Coil Driver to improve motor performance in light-duty electric vehicles.

Exro has worked with Zero to demonstrate to the electric motorcycle industry that Coil Driver can improve horsepower and torque without compromising efficiency. Over the course of 18 months, Zero provided motor technology and integration support, and Exro produced and delivered power electronics designed to meet the specific performance requirements of the bike. Today Exro is thrilled to share that their 100 Volt Coil Driver has increased both the horsepower and torque of Zero’s SR/F motorcycle with a Z-Force75-10 motor, compared to the Z-Force system. current of Zero.

A dynamometer (“dyno”) was used to determine torque and horsepower results during testing. Extensive simulations were conducted prior to testing using Ansys software, the first simulation-based design tool that combines multi-physics simulation capabilities, to predict the performance of the ZF75-10 engine Coil Driver system. Test results confirm less than 4% deviation from simulated results, demonstrating Exro’s expertise in performing comprehensive simulations for optimal products with a high degree of accuracy. To ensure consistency, all testing was performed at 100 volts and within the DC power limit. The results were as follows:


Peak power (kW)

Maximum torque (Nm)

ZF75-10 Zero Base System



Results simulated with Exro Coil Driver



Dyno tested results with Exro Coil Driver



This new set of test results from Zero’s bike with Exro’s coil driver achieved over 13% more speed, 15% more torque and 33% more horsepower, compared to the bike of Zero as originally equipped. Overall drive efficiency test data met expectations, demonstrating Coil Driver’s ability to improve horsepower and torque without compromising efficiency.

The results align with similar test results conducted with other motorsport partners, including Untitled Motorcycles, and support the growing recognition of the Exro brand in the market for affordable light electric vehicle solutions. Overall, the results demonstrate that Coil Driver makes electric motorcycles faster, more powerful and lasts longer on a single charge, which can satisfy recreational riders’ desire for speed and performance, and young riders’ need. affordable transport solutions.

“We have collaborated with Exro to evaluate the performance improvements of our electric motorcycles and show our commitment to focused and continuous product innovation,” said Ryan Biffard, Technical Lead for Powertrain Development with Zero. “Exro has delivered on its technology promise. We have seen a significant increase in torque and motor horsepower with the Exro 100 Volt Coil Driver and are excited to continue our evaluation with Exro.”

“Our work with Zero is a great demonstration of Exro’s expertise in electric powertrains and marks a major milestone on our path to becoming the leading supplier of power electronics for the electric motorcycle market,” said Sue Ozdemir, CEO of Exro. “The results are further proof of Exro’s ability to improve the performance and efficiency of low voltage electric vehicle applications and reinforce the great confidence in the ability of our engineering and development teams to deliver superior technology. electric mobility markets. We have kept our technological commitments. and we are moving into the next phase of collaboration for commercialization with Zero.”

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Exro is a cleantech company pioneering smart power electronics control solutions to help solve the toughest problems in electrification. Exro has developed a new class of control technology that extends the capabilities of electric motors, generators and batteries. Exro allows the app to do more with less power consumed.

Exro’s advanced motor control technology, the Coil DriverMT, extends the capabilities of electric powertrains by enabling intelligent optimization for efficient energy consumption. Exro works with many partners around the world to bring their technology to the electric mobility industries and beyond.

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