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Suzuki chooses Shell V-Power as preferred fuel – Manila bulletin


Sharing a common vision to provide motorcycle owners and riders with improved engine efficiency and performance, energy leader Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation was recently named the preferred fuel supplier to leading motorcycle manufacturer Suzuki Philippines.

This partnership was confirmed last May by a signing agreement held at the Suzuki 3S Shop in Roosevelt, Quezon City, led by Pilipinas Shell vice president and general manager of mobility, Randy del Valle; Shell Mobility Marketing Delivery Manager, Arvin Obmerga; Jun Bulot, Suzuki Philippines General Manager for Motorcycle Sales and Marketing Division, and Nenuka Guba, Suzuki’s Motorcycle Marketing Manager.

“We are delighted to partner with Suzuki, one of the biggest brands in the country,” said Del Valle. “The features and services of our Shell stations will provide additional levels of customer satisfaction to customers who have purchased Suzuki motorcycles here in the Philippines. “

“Now that we are challenged by the pandemic, this project is a refreshing step to reward our customers as we all move forward into the new normal,” Bulot said. “We encourage them to get around on two wheels because motorcycles are economical, efficient and promote social distancing. And we are happy to be with you (Shell) in this endeavor.

“On our side, we are very happy to partner with Pilipinas Shell,” said Guba. “One of our axes is in fact [about] relationships with customers, and this project that we have now with Shell is something that we consider to be a customer pleasure, especially in these difficult times. “

Free gas and benefits

Customers who purchase a Suzuki motorcycle will receive a free Shell GO + card, preloaded with 200 points, which will provide them with benefits that will make their trips safer, more efficient and more comfortable. The Shell GO + program allows its members to earn and redeem points, and enjoy exclusive benefits and rewards at any of the more than 1,000 Shell Pilipinas stations nationwide, including discounts on Shell V-Power fuels, lubricants and Shell Select snacks. Suzuki riders can also benefit from free roadside assistance.

“The profit will go to Suzuki customers themselves, as they will appreciate the quality products and services of the Shell station,” Obmerga said. “Suzuki was one of the best partnership choices mainly because of its reputation as a brand. “

Suzuki recommends Shell V-Power fuels, developed by Shell’s international group of scientists, because of the efficiency and protection they provide to bicycle engines, optimizing their performance for all types of trips. The Dynaflex technology in Shell V-Power fuels is formulated with powerful cleaning molecules designed to prevent and remove engine deposits that affect performance. Its advanced formulation is designed to work under the extreme conditions of the fuel intake system, breaking down and cleaning up deposits. This helps to ensure that the fuel intake system stays clean, allowing the engine to breathe easier, thus improving the performance of the motorcycle. The formulation of Dynaflex with new friction reducing molecules has demonstrated better performance in more difficult conditions on the highway as well as in the city.

Meanwhile, Suzuki bikers can have their vehicles disinfected and benefit from free maintenance checks in the V-Power Bida Bikers lane at select Shell stations. These dedicated lanes, reserved exclusively for bikers, immediately allow them to refuel without having to queue. The Shell GO + card also gives them discounts on snacks and other items purchased at the Shell Select station.

Obmerga acknowledged the role bikers play in boosting the economy, saying: “It is high time for us to give specific benefits to our motorcyclists, given the support they have provided and their help the economy during the pandemic. “

Del Valle enthusiastically encouraged riders to try out the biker lanes and areas, saying, “I really look forward to the opportunity to invite all Suzuki motorcycles to visit a Shell Mobility Station. You will truly be treated like a guest with an enhanced customer experience. Shell stations will not only provide passengers with a place to rest and refresh, but also additional benefits to help them improve their daily journeys.