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Supervisor of Social Security fraud of $ 760,000 has been indicted, Judge Harley Davidson, Nc


Employee who previously worked as a member of the Social Security Administration who is placed in North Carolina is accused of not telling the truth for receiving more than a total of $ 760,000 in benefits over a period 8 years old.

Has Stephanie been punished and imprisoned?

Stéphanie Chavis was one-off operations manager and in the administration department at the Fayetteville workplace. She was sentenced on Monday to be imprisoned for 5 consecutive years and 5 months in federal prison and she must follow a total of 3 years under surveillance, as well as visit the American prosecutor’s office in North Carolina.

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All the files provided to the court mentioned that Stephanie had been ordered to pay $ 760,966 in compensation and had also left the bike she used to drive the 2011 Harley Davidson. Gail S. Ennis, who is the inspector in charge from the Social Security Administration mentioned that “Stephanie Chavis had used all of her rights in her official function and all effects for the Social Security Administration to steal approximately $ 760,000 in funds for the taxpayer. and even mentioned, that fraud was not covered throughout an audit that occurs regularly.


Chavis public defenders representing her did not respond directly to any McClatchy News request for any detailed request given on Wednesday. Stephanie was born and raised in Saint Pauls, North Carolina. She came from a small town with an average population of 2,100. The Social Security Administration is one of the federal corporations that deals with personal pensions, survivor benefits, and disability for all eligible people.

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Of all the packages that are inferior to the Supplemental Security Income Program, and which are intended to guide people over 65, those who are blind or disabled with minimum income or no income at all.

A former employee of the Social Security Administration sentenced to 5 years in prison

From 2010 to 2018, Stephanie Chavis was charged with stealing a total of $ 761,000 in SSI payments for seniors. This plan is specially intended for people who have no type of benefits compared to the total amount of benefits of SSI. She was presented to the grand jury on 13 counts of wire fraud, numerous identity theft and theft of presidential property in October 2018. As one supervisor mentioned, prosecutors Chavis was aware of all entries and accounts. .

Along with this, she had the full idea of ​​all the techniques to uncover the secret information of social security beneficiaries. She also managed around nine financial accounts that belonged to her and those close to her.

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According to recent reports, Stephanie even showed her government the PIN provided to verify accounts on an average of 62 social security benefits that needed to be provided and even stole their personal information. After gaining access, she had used the information to obtain the unauthorized underpaid from SSI.

Ennis said they will continue to research, uncover and take strict action regarding employee fraud and take strict action against anyone engaged in such activity. She then said the situation was critical in maintaining public confidence in social security. She even thanked the United States Attorney’s Office for its support in the investigation and all efforts to reach a meaningful resolution.