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Sanders takes advantage of confusion and is no longer a motorcycle leader – CVBJ


01/02/2022 at 11:25 CET


Austrian Daniel sanders (Gas Gas) also won the second day of motorcycle racing in the Dakar, this time with a longer timed stage, 334 kilometers, in which he led the times from the first checkpoint he did not lost and overtook the Chilean in 2 minutes and 7 seconds Pablo Quintanilla (Sling).

A day in which the rest of the favorites stayed for more than 30 minutes, with the current champion, the Argentinian Kevin Benavides (KTM), ending at 34 Sanders.

The day was decided from kilometer 200 to kilometer 280. The organization already warned that the special of this Sunday did not have major technical difficulties, but that it had navigation; and motorcycles were the first to suffer them.

Sanders he took advantage of it from the start and didn’t let go. Of course, until the fifth checkpoint breached Quintanilla (47 seconds). From kilometer 200 to kilometer 240, the first difficulties have already been encountered.

Only in these 40 kilometers, Sanders 30 seconds lost: the British Sam sunderland (Gas Gas) 48; Benavides 1:40 minutes and Spanish Joan barreda (Honda) 2:10. But the real sieve arrived in the following 40s.

Only Sanders Yes Quintanilla They were able to find the checkpoint that, for four editions, it is no longer worth passing 800 meters and you have to do it at 300 meters to be able to continue without a big time penalty. The favorites, suppressing the Austrian and the Chilean, began to walk around without finding him, suffering significant time losses from the second day of competition.

“I will defend navigation,” he said David Castera, director of the Dakar, in an interview with the Spanish media, including., a few weeks before the start of the competition. And he did.

Sunderland he lost 11 minutes and 25 seconds at that time; Benavides, current champion of the category, allowed 30 minutes; while Barreda fell at 39:48 minutes from Sanders and left Laurent Santolin (Sherco Factory) as the best Spaniard on the special, finishing fifth at 10 minutes and 4 seconds; equaling his best result in the Dakar.

First real fire and first screening of the 44th edition of the Dakar which starts Sanders more leader, at the controls of the motorcycle of the Spanish team Gas Gas, with the Austrian brand KTM behind, already Quintanilla like the only true pursuer waiting for the next difficulties to surprise again.

The first five classified of the stage:

a – Daniel Sanders (AUS-Gaz Gaz): 3:43:10

of them – Pablo Quintanilla (CHI-Honda): at 2:07

3 – Matthias walker (AUS-KTM): at 8:31 am

4 – Mason klein (USA-KTM): at 8:44 a.m.

5 – Lorenzo Santolino (ESP-Sherco Factory): at 10:04 a.m.

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