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Review of Scottoiler chain lubrication systems


Written by Ray Mckenzie. Posted in Equipment

How much is the convenience worth to you? I pondered this question over a decade ago while preparing for a six-month road trip to North America. Specifically, I didn’t want to have to change the sprocket and chain during the trip, and I didn’t want to spend excessive time working on the bike. Enter BMW F800GS by Scottoiler vacuum system.

The purchase significantly eased chain maintenance and damage, while keeping the chain lubricated, two essential features for long road trips. And an added benefit that I have learned over the years is that my motorcycle chains did not require frequent adjustments. This undoubtedly has to do with the fact that each link is properly lubricated and non-binding, which alleviates stress on the transmission.

I then added to four of my motorcycles Scottoiler eSystem, which electronically controls the flow of valuable lubricant to the chain. It is installed on a BMW F800GS and KTM 1290 Super Adventure, a Ducati Multistrada 1200 Enduro, and my current bike, a Africa Twin Adventure Sports. What I like about the eSystem it’s that I can adjust everything on the fly, which makes long journeys a lot easier. By the way, I carry extra chain oil in the toolbox and keep the reservoir filled as needed. I always check the chain adjustment and the like, but constant, automatic chain lubrication seems to keep the chain from going out of adjustment.

And i like it Scottoiler for this reason, it facilitates long journeys. However, I am very aware that an oily chain and all-terrain dust don’t mix well, creating an abrasive paste. The saving grace is that you can shut down the system long before you get to a dirty destination. The other problem in terms of off-road riding is that the nozzle can get moved by stray rocks, not a big deal but you definitely need to check every now and then to make sure it’s in place.

So are Scottoiler are chain lubrication systems worth it? In my opinion, the answer is a resounding “YES”! People at Scottoiler say “No worries, just ride” and for me, with over a decade of driving their products, I can say that’s exactly it. No worries and lots of driving!


MSRP: $ 299.95


  • Easy to follow installation instructions
  • Reduced chain maintenance time
  • Reduced chain adjustment
  • Extended chain life (when turned off during dirt exits)
  • Easier to clean chain, wheels and swingarm
  • Push button control (eSystem)


  • Dear
  • Finding the right chain oil when traveling (partly my fault I didn’t put enough chain oil for two bikes on a long trip)
  • Can be knocked over when riding off-road