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Police make progress on city’s ATV/motorcycle ordinance


June 16 – WILLIMANTIC/WINDHAM – Amid recent reports of motorcycles being driven onto American Legion grounds over the weekend, Windham City Manager Jim Rivers said police made progress in enforcing the city’s ATV/motorcycle ordinance.

“It’s a process,” Rivers said at the June 7 city council meeting. “The police spend a lot more time on it and use the order where appropriate.”

The ordinance was approved by the city council in December and went into effect on January 20. It is designed to combat illegal ATV/Motorcycle activity, which has been a problem for years and has caused several accidents.

“What the ATV ordinance did was it increased the fines to make them sting more when we get one of these lawbreakers, but the law was already there,” Rivers said.

Under state law, fines for illegal use of ATVs and snowmobiles range up to $250 for each violation. Under the approved order, fines range from $1,000 for the first offense to $2,000 for the third and subsequent offenses.

The order also includes a $100 fine that would be levied for the first offense and subsequent offenses against owners and operators of gas stations and motor vehicles that sell fuel to operators of ATVs and dirt bikes.

Windham City Council chairwoman Dawn Niles said she felt the situation was “getting worse”, noting there had been people passing through the East Brook shopping center in Mansfield recently. She also mentioned the motocross activity at American Legion Little League grounds over the weekend.

Rivers said Tuesday that locals reported the activity to him, but he did not have details. He said the city is “making progress” but other situations arise, such as burglaries and serious accidents, the police have to deal with.

“It’s important but sometimes we have other priorities and the police don’t have unlimited resources,” Rivers said.

The Willimantic Police is responsible for enforcing the ordinance in Willimantic, while the State Police is responsible for enforcing the ordinance in the villages of Windham.

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