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Police: Florida man steals police car in Wyoming


After escaping the police twice, he was eventually arrested for theft and drug trafficking.

RAFLINS, Wyo. – A Wyoming Police Department may have had an idea what it’s like to deal with a “Florida man.”

A Tampa man faces multiple charges in Wyoming after police said he led them in multiple lawsuits and even stole one of their police cars.

This happened just before 5 p.m. on October 8, according to the Rawlins Police Department.

James Estes, who police say is from Tampa, drove a 2004 Harley Davidson with no visible registration, officers said. When an officer tried to stop him, he allegedly refused to stop and led them in pursuit.

Eventually, Estes abandoned the motorcycle and began to flee on foot, the department said. But he didn’t go far.

Estes was taken into custody, handcuffed and placed in the back of a police car. Police added that Estes then managed to put his hands – still handcuffed – in front of him, crawl through the bulkhead to the front of the patrol car and steal it.

During the chase, police said Estes lost control of the car, abandoned it and attempted to flee from police. He was then picked up and arrested.

Estes faces multiple charges in Wyoming’s Sweetwater and Carbon counties, according to Rawlins Police. He is also said to have a warrant for breach of probation in California.

He is being held in prison on charges of police car theft, flight, escape and possession of a controlled substance.