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Playboi Carti sued by jeweler for nearly $ 100,000 – Report


Playboi Carti faces a nearly $ 100,000 lawsuit from famous jeweler, Elloit Eliantte.

The Red Lotta Whole The rapper is being sued by the famous bling supplier for an outstanding balance of $ 97,063.75, according to a TMZ report released Friday, September 17. Eliantte and Co. claim that Carti purchased two custom chains in September 2020 and never completed their tab. The set included a 14k white gold diamond rosary chain and a personalized diamond tennis chain totaling $ 197,063.75. According to the celebrity news site, Eliantte confirmed that Carti made a payment of $ 100,000 in January, but had not put anything else on the amount owed since then, prompting them to carry the case in court.

XXL contacted Eliantte and Co. and the Playboi Carti team for comment.

Playboi Carti made headlines earlier this week after claiming its merchandise store was hacked. “THE WEBSITE IS HACKED, THE REF FILE HAS BEEN PUBLISHED LIVE,” read the text, which was sent in a group message to two other unknown people. “I HAVE NEVER APPROVED ANY CLOTHING / ETC.” The announcement came after fans had already made purchases, including a $ 5,000 “narcissistic motorcycle helmet”, a $ 200 “narcissistic bomber jacket” and a $ 40 “narcissistic mask”.

Carti released her long awaited Red Lotta Whole album last December. He seems to be preparing the release of a new LP titled Narcissistic this autumn. Although the album does not have a release date, he has revealed that it will embark on the narcissistic tour starting October 14 in Nashville, Tenn. Presumably, the album will see the light ahead of the 43-stop tour, which will play in cities like Atlanta, New York, Boston, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston and more.

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