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Norton Motorcycles’ Latest Prototype Reinvents Its V4SV Super Moto As Café Racer



Norton Motorcycles wants to bring one of the great motorcycle models from the past to the present.

The British motorcyclist has just unveiled his latest prototype, the V4 Café Racer. The new model isn’t just a tribute to the type of sports bikes that were so popular around the country in the 1960s, it’s a complete reimagining of what they are capable of.

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Norton built their modernized version of the cafe racer on the bones of their popular V4SV superbike. The sports cruiser has been reduced to the essentials, however. Its windshield and fairing were cut out, leaving behind a fuel tank and carbon fiber body panels, a shorter frame machined from an aluminum alloy billet and an exhaust unit. compact which gives the bike an even more aggressive stance. Up front, you’ll find a single round LED headlight that resembles those on cafe racers of yore.

Norton V4 Café & # xe9;  Racing prototype - Credit: Norton Motorcycle

Prototype Norton V4 Caf̩ Racer РCredit: Norton Motorcycle

Norton Motorcycle

Equally important to the design is the all new engine of the motorcycle. Cafe racers were all about one thing and one: performance. Sure enough, the centerpiece of Norton’s new prototype is a liquid-cooled 1.2-liter V4 engine that the company claims will be capable of generating 185 hp. It’s not the kind of power you would associate with a bike like this, and would almost immediately place it among the most powerful British cafe racers ever built.

“There is something about a superbike cafe racer that defies categorization and attracts renegades,” the brand said on its website. “With the V4CR, we have developed a motorcycle that amplifies these emotions in its riders, allowing them to dare to be more.”

Norton V4 Café & # xe9;  V4RS racing prototype and superbike - Credit: Norton Motorcycle

Norton V4 Caf̩ Racer prototype and V4RS superbike РCredit: Norton Motorcycle

Norton Motorcycle

The V4 Café Racer might just be a prototype, but Norton is making it clear that they are planning to put it into production. In fact, the bike listing includes a section where you can register your interest in it today. If you’ve always wanted to drive a cafe racer as powerful as one of today’s superbikes, your luck might not be so far off.

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