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Motorcycle road racing: where to start?

In two years, I worked closely with more than 30 young riders, aged 9 to 18. And I often find myself talking to parents who have considered enrolling their children in a running program. Even more often I get messages from kids who are crazy about motorcycles. Most of them still consider professional motorcycle racing a distant dream. And this happens especially with children from low-income families.The secret to moving forward is to start
But let’s get right to the point here and see how you can turn your dream into reality. There are several things you need to consider. First of all, if you want to be successful in the world of motorsport, you will need all the support you can get. If you are still a minor, you should first ask your parents for help. If either of them rides a motorcycle or is already involved in motorsports, it should be easy for you to get their attention.

But if it doesn’t, don’t worry just yet. It is important to understand that riding a motorcycle on a racetrack, even at speeds that most people would consider ridiculous, is still much safer than doing the same on a public road. Because on a running track, there are no pedestrians, stray dogs or cats, potholes, curbs or any other element that could constitute a danger in the event of a fall. Running tracks have clearance areas, meant to slow you down safely.

The racing team of which I am a part always insists on the idea that any driver who wants to become a professional should forget to ride in the streets. But we’ll talk about it another time. If your parents still don’t agree with the idea, try continuing to educate them about it. This next step is crucial whether they have decided to support you from the start or not. You need to find the right environment to take the first step towards pro racing.Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
I suggest you research all racing teams and schools within a 500 mile (804 km) radius. Start asking questions! Meet the riders, ask for your way! When you meet someone willing to help, ask your parents to contact them for more information. Before committing to any expenses, be sure to check out some reviews and go meet them in person. Becoming a professional rider isn’t just fun and fun, and you shouldn’t take things lightly.

The road to becoming a rookie and becoming a championship winner is long, and it is filled with blood, sweat and tears. This is not to scare you, but to prepare you for what lies ahead. Once you’ve managed to find a team or school that seems right for your needs, ask them for advice on next steps. Don’t start buying riding gear or a motorcycle without talking to them first. They may have their fleet of school bikes and you may need to wear team colors or equipment.

I’m not sure about other running schools, but the one I volunteer for will welcome runners of any age or level of experience. I have seen children who had never even ridden a bicycle before get used to riding a motorbike within hours of their first lesson. The same kids progressed to riding a 300cc racing bike on the track a few days after their debut. One very important thing to remember when starting out: don’t overdo it! Don’t try to go faster than your skills allow!All things are hard before they are easy
Our trainer always asks our junior riders to go out and have fun. Go at your own pace at first. Be comfortable with the motorcycle. And don’t forget to be so calm and calculated in everything you do. Being rough with the controls won’t make you go faster, it will just make you fall off the bike at a certain point. Any good coach should be able to say what you’re doing right and wrong, even when observing yourself from a distance.

There is one extremely important aspect that you must remember if you are to embark on this path. If your parents are not multimillionaires, at some point in your career you will need sponsors. There’s a saying going around that looks like this “How do you become a millionaire in motorsport? Starting as a billionaire!”. But if you want to get sponsors, you have to be able to give them something in return.

And don’t think for a second that you can get away with just a few stickers on the racing bike and a little branding on your riding gear. If you or those around you have no previous sponsorship research and management experience, you will need a manager. It’s either that or educate yourself to the level where you can at least get minor offers early on until you can afford to have a manager.

You have to understand that being a winner alone will not guarantee you big deals in the future. Look at some of the professional athletes who have reached a certain level. People like Ken Block for example. If you can manage to make a name for yourself and build a strong presence online, it will likely spark the interest of various businesses. Never let anyone say no to your dreams, and never stop fighting for them, however distant they may seem! Plus, I’ll get into this topic more in a future post, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

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