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Motorcycle accident among family obstacles


LIMA – It’s not like things had been easy for Todd and Mary until last March.

When that month rolled around, however, the couple’s life – and the economy – slowed down.

Certainly, it is not unusual for a working class family of six, including four children, to suffer financial setbacks.

Despite this, their stress levels shot up in the spring when Todd suffered a motorcycle accident that resulted in significant rib injuries.

As a result, he missed months of work in the road safety industry and has just returned to part-time work.

Mary said Todd’s collarbone is only 50% healed and she needs to be careful not to break an inserted plaque.

“I had a lot of shoulder pain,” he said.

Pain has been lingering within the family in other ways this year, as a pair of uncles died of complications from COVID-19.

As for what would be useful to find under the Christmas tree, they could use pajamas and bathrobes to keep warm this winter. During this time, Mary’s mother did her part to provide clothes.

The couple’s quartet of children are between 12 and 17 years old. The clothes they wear range from size 16 for boys and one girl to size 14 for the other girl.

In 2022, the eldest girl is expected to finish high school, which is a challenge in itself.

“We’re trying to pay for her degree,” Mary said.

Despite the obstacles her family are struggling to overcome, she expressed gratitude for what they already have.

“I want to thank everyone for making this possible to help my family,” said Mary. “We appreciate it very much.”

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