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Motion to explore legal options for street racing in Calgary rejected in committee


A notice of motion from a Calgary city councilor to explore a safe way to allow street racing on closed roads was rejected on Tuesday afternoon.

The idea, put forward by the Ward 10 Coun. André Chabot, was sidelined by a 6-2 vote by the members of the executive committee, along with Chabot and Ward 7 Coun. Terry Wong the only two in favor.

“The intention of what my notice of motion was designed to achieve, initially, is to provide an increased level of enforcement, safety and security for residents, while providing some form of outlet for those who would love to have the opportunity to use some of their upgrades on their vehicles, ”said Chabot.

“I can tell you that Rundlehorn Drive and Temple Drive (NE) in particular, you ask anyone who lives along those roads and they’ll tell you car after car after 9pm are on a mission to see how fast they can. to run. “

The notice of motion will not go to council, but could be revised by Chabot, who suggested that Calgary police and other emergency vehicles could also take advantage of closed runways in the future for training purposes. .

However, Mayor Jyoti Gondek has expressed concern over the idea, noting that she does not see enough research done to indicate Calgarians will stop street racing.

“Residents don’t feel safe because the streets in their neighborhood are used for running and I don’t disagree with that,” Gondek said.

“I guess the disconnect for me is the ability to say, if we provide a sanctioned speed track, that will improve it. I’m missing the connection between the two things, so I’ll leave it at that. I can’t stand this.


News of the defeated motion is cause for concern, especially for motorcycle and vehicle enthusiasts looking for a safe place to run in the city since Race City Speedway closed a decade ago.

Bill Ridge, owner of Auto-Mann Repair Shop, works exclusively on classic cars and says it’s not just the younger clientele looking for an outlet to enjoy racing.

It’s very important because it helps get kids off the streets and it makes the streets safer overall, ”Ridge said.

“It’s so much better and safer when things like that are done at the track level, and it’s a good experience for the youngsters too.”

Trevor Dech, head instructor and owner of Too Cool Motorcycle School, agrees education is very important, especially for new riders who want to test their ride and prepare to do so safely.

“Absolutely, because if you go with a little knowledge, you go on the road, you know how to handle cars better,” Dech said.

“People get these cars, these motorcycles and they have all of these great capabilities for the gear they have, but nowhere really to go out and explore those benefits.”

A new $ 35 million Rocky Mountain Motosports (RMM) track near Carstairs – about 65 kilometers north of Calgary – will welcome professional and amateur riders in the spring.

The new track is good news for those who want to test their vehicles and race, but car enthusiasts remain concerned that it is still too far from the city limits to discourage street racing in Calgary.

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