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LiveWire S2 Del Mar is Harley-Davidson’s second attempt at an electric revolution


The Harley-Davidson LiveWire was a very bold move that didn’t take off. It was too expensive for a first electric motorcycle and was uninspiring on the range front with just 146 miles to charge. Harley learned her lesson the hard way and is now back stronger and smarter in the hope of better crunching the electric revolution.

We know the LiveWire is now a spin-off from Harley-Davidson. The manufacturer has renamed the “Harley-Davidson LiveWire” to the “LiveWire One”. The automaker has been teasing us with its next machine for some time now. And they’ve finally shed some light on it. The second offering from the freshly curated EV maker is called the LiveWire S2 Del Mar, and it’s as exciting as it sounds. Unlike the One, the Del Mar is compact, nimble and made to be cheerful. It’s a mid-weight motorcycle that’s built on a flexible structure Platform “Arrow” this will result in bigger and smaller offers.

The secret to its flexibility lies in the platform’s ability to merge battery, electronics and motor into a single unit. The S2 Del Mar is made for the urban jungle and has a cool, minimalist tracker style. It will be state of the art and hope to reduce range anxiety. Harley has positioned its second electric motorcycle to be much cheaper than the first. And it certainly sent shockwaves as all Launch Edition models were sold out within minutes.

The LiveWire S2 Del Mar is Harley-Davidson’s lowest-priced electric motorcycle to date, boasting 80hp and 100 miles of range.

Harley-Davidson S2 Del Mar uses a new flexible platform

The Del Mar is special, and the main reason for that is the brand new platform that LiveWire has used here. Called the Arrow architecture, this layout was created to specifically make powertrains lighter and more flexible. The battery, electric motor and all electrical control systems are merged into a single housing and become part of the chassis.

This is similar to how ICE engines end up being stressors in a motorcycle. The advantage of Arrow is LiveWIre’s ability to scale the layout with minimal central layout changes. This means that in the future, LiveWire will be able to build a tracked machine or a long-haul cruiser using the same central structure of an electric powertrain, similar to the one seen here.

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Lighter, more agile and cooler than HD LiveWire

The LiveWire S2 Del Mar should pack 80 hp and be able to go 100 miles on a charge. It’s a much more practical numbers game than the LiveWire One which packs 105 horsepower and travels 146 miles on a charge. The new platform is lighter, and the Del Mar is expected to weigh just under 440 pounds. This makes it almost 25% lighter than its big brother. This all translates to a 0-60mph time of 3.5 seconds or even less.

By way of comparison, the 105 hp LiveWire accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 3 seconds. The Del Mar is smaller and less powerful than the One. So it will run cooler and over longer distances without any thermal cut-off issues. The Del Mar comes with custom Dunlop DT1 tires wrapped around special 19-inch wheels that add to its nimble handling characteristics. In short, it will be fun to ride this electric motorcycle, both on and off the tarmac.

The Del Mar is a sleek tracker

LiveWire has opted for a tracking layout for the S2 Del Mar. It complements the compact layout. The seating position is upright with cool tracker-style handlebars with bar-end mirrors for added drama. These 19-inch spoked wheels look great and are specifically designed to deliver a confident ride.

The headlight design seems to be inspired by the cool Harley-Davidson Fat Bob, and it looks cool here too. The trippy finish seen in these images is a special shade that is limited to the Launch Edition S2 Del Mars. The rear profile is clean with no rear storage as the taillight plate and assembly are stacked on top of the tire fender.

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Introductory Edition models sold out in less than 18 minutes

The trippy design and those cool spoked wheels are only unique to the LiveWire S2 Del Mar Launch Edition models. These 100 units are built to order and are already sold out. Interestingly, all copies were sold out in less than 18 minutes!

But LiveWire still gives people hope by offering to add them to the waitlist. So that, if and when a buyer is crazy enough to drop their Launch Edition Del Mar, the group of patients on their waiting list can leap forward!

LiveWire S2 Del Mar 2023: Price and Launch Date

The sold-out Launch Edition model was priced at $17,699, almost half the price of its older sibling at launch in 2019! The production version of the S2 Del Mar is expected to cost around $15,000, making it a bargain.

The Del Mar will be assembled at Harley-Davidson’s Pennsylvania facility with deliveries expected to begin in the spring of 2023. Harley-Davidson may have just embarked on the electric vehicle revolution with the LiveWire S2 Del Mar!

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