Home motor trade Lawsuit claims Alex Murdaugh owes thousands of unpaid loans to brother Randy Murdaugh

Lawsuit claims Alex Murdaugh owes thousands of unpaid loans to brother Randy Murdaugh


HAMPTON COUNTY, SC (WCBD) – A lawsuit has been filed against Alex Murdaugh, by his brother, for unpaid personal loans.

Documents show Alex Murdaugh approached his brother, Randolph Murdaugh, IV, about needing a personal loan to cover an overdrawn bank account days before September 2, 2021.

They also show that he claimed to have written other checks, including those to workers, which would make his account more overdrawn. “The defendant did not disclose that he was in a bad financial situation,” said the lawsuit.

The loan was $ 75,000, according to the lawsuit, and Alex requested that it be deposited into his checking account, with the understanding that the money would be repaid within 30 days. The loan had not been repaid when the complaint was filed.

Randolph, or Randy, said in the lawsuit that he took Alex to a rehab center where he agreed to pay $ 15,000 for the initial treatment and claimed he had not yet been reimbursed.

Murdaugh was taken to an out-of-state drug rehab facility following a failed suicide attempt, after later admitting to having a drug problem.

While there, the lawsuit claims that her son, Richard Alexander Murdaugh, Jr., or Buster, started selling assets and used the money to find out about his debts. “By information and belief, these debts are with the Palmetto State Bank and the rehab facility that treated (Murdaugh) for his drug addiction,” the lawsuit said.

One asset included a Kubota tractor and another was a rotary cutter. “After receiving uninterested potential buyers of these items, Richard Alexander Murdaugh Jr. offered these items for sale to Randolph Murdaugh, IV, for the same price, in exchange for debt forgiveness.”

Randy Murdaugh purchased the items in exchange for forgiveness of a $ 43,500 debt; however, of the $ 90,000 owed, $ 46,500 was not repaid.

Another lawsuit filed Friday by a former legal partner claims Alex owed $ 477,000 in loans that were not repaid.