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Kim Kardashian Posts Shiny Bikini and Motorcycle Snaps: Instagram – SheKnows


Kim Kardashian isn’t just choosing happiness from now on, she’s choosing to show just how badass she can be. On March 5, Kardashian posted a series of photos of herself to her Instagram with the simple caption, “Always ready!”

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In the photos, we see Kardashian looking like something out of a Netflix action show, sporting a black motorcycle helmet and matching leather bikini top. In the first photo, Kardashian is wearing the helmet, ready to take it off as she stands in front of a beautiful beach. Then the following photos show her waving her hair in the wind as she takes off her helmet. In the fourth photo, we see an adorable shot of her wearing the helmet again with a towel wrapped around her waist, followed by some candid shots of her with the helmet on.

Comments quickly poured in about how gorgeous she looked in the snaps, with her sister Khloe Kardashian saying, “It’s not good how beautiful you look.” We agree that she looks absolutely stunning in these snaps and we’re a little obsessed with the tactile pattern of this one.

Last month, Kardashian said vogue that she now focuses on her own happiness and well-being to be more present for the people she loves. She said: “For so long I did what made other people happy. And I think over the last two years, I’ve decided that I’m going to indulge myself. And it feels really good.

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