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Kawasaki to manufacture all-electric motorcycles by 2035


Kawasaki has announced that it will only sell electric motorcycles in select developed countries by 2035. The motorcycle maker’s ambition to electrify was highlighted two years ago when it unveiled a motorcycle concept. electric at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan.

The EV prototype was based on the Ninja 300 motorcycle, but the final version of the motorcycle, however, could use a unique design.

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Kawasaki had also published the information on the initial specifications of the electric prototype. It presented a power of 27 hp for acceleration and a power of 13 hp for cruising. The company also said it offers a range of 100 km and weighs 219 kg.

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With the motorcycle company pledged to launch around 10 new electric motorcycles by 2025, those specs and no substantial progress towards developing a full-fledged model can make things difficult for it. The brand that promised to sell only electric motorcycles in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and Japan, these four years until maturity remains crucial.

Kawasaki currently sells about 3,80,000 motorcycles per year in North America and as a result the transition to electrification can become overwhelming as many other brands of electric motorcycles have already entered and started developing their electric models.

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The company also has a lot of followers in India and recently launched models in the country such as 2022 KX250 and KX450 which are off-road or off-road motorcycles. Now we have to wait and see what it has to offer in the country as India has also started its path towards the adoption of electric mobility.