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In the studios of artists who give goalies their playing face – The Athletic


Over the past two months, Brady Lambert had predicted – and hoped for – this moment.

So when Joey Daccord was named one of three Seattle Kraken goalies in the expansion draft in July, Lambert was elated. Not only because he was right, but because he had work to do.

Lambert is an airbrush artist in Bakersfield, Calif. Who has painted Daccord’s masks since the Guardian played at Arizona State. When Daccord made his NHL debut in 2019, he wore the Arizona state mask that Lambert painted. When Daccord burst into the NHL last season, it was a dream come true for Lambert as he first saw one of his NHL-specific creations in the world’s top league.

He will now be able to create one of the first masks in the history of the Kraken.

“I’ve had Kraken ideas for a while now, and we said I have them, but not what they are precisely because we didn’t want to get ahead,” Lambert said. “Now it looks like we can really tackle these ideas. I’m excited about it.

One thing, however, that won’t be on Daccord’s mask? Davy Jones.

“I thought it would be fun to have (have) Davy Jones from the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movies, but it turns out Davy Jones scared Joey as a kid, so I guess we won’t do that. “, Lambert mentioned.

Lambert is a newcomer to the world of NHL goalie mask artists and one of the few in the industry who doesn’t paint full-time goalie masks. A retired motorcycle rider, Lambert works as a paint salesman by day and paints race masks and helmets in the evenings and on weekends. He’s the Arizona State mask artist.