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Harley-Davidson Museum Gift Guide


This content created in partnership with the Harley-Davidson Museum.

the Harley-Davidson Museum, 400 W. Canal St., is full of interesting things: not only amazing bikes, but also vintage photographs, memorabilia, clothing and more. And you don’t have to be a pig demon to enjoy it. The gift shop there is also amazing.

Likewise, Harley-Davidson is so steeped in Milwaukee history and culture that you don’t have to ride to proudly wear HD gear.

As the holidays quickly approach, zoom in on the museum shop to find an array of Harley-Davidson gear unlike what you’ll find elsewhere and at all prices. Best of all, the museum shop is full of equipment unique to the museum, some of which are inspired by original vintage Harley-Davidson clothing on display in the galleries.

The museum shop also offers free gift wrapping to make the journey even more enjoyable.

Here are some nuggets:

Originals men’s wool cardigan


Before the leather jacket, the wool cardigan was worn for protection. This high quality vintage piece of jewelry is a reproduction of an item from the 1920 P&A catalog. Thanks to the copious records kept by Harley-Davidson, it is made in the USA by the same manufacturer on the same looms from the early 20th century. century, and with the same zipper, again, from the same supplier, as the original.

Originals Men’s Black Motorcycle Sweater


This vintage item – a Jason Momoa favorite – was worn by motorcycle / hobbyist clubs of the 1940s. Much like the cardigan, it is made in the USA with the same materials, often by the same manufacturers and suppliers as the cardigan. original with hand-applied felt letters.

1949 service jacket

a serviceX

These cool, machine washable jackets were first released by Harley-Davidson in 1949 as a summer item and quickly became popular with clubs, which sported their logos on the back. Although they disappeared from the catalog in 1957, they are back now! Made in the USA.

Originals Women Sweater

This is a feminine take on the woolen running jersey (bottom right), but with softer wool for maximum comfort. Made in the USA.


Women’s jacket with fur collar

This is the summer version of the Cycle Queen Jacket from the catalogs of the 1950s, made in the USA with nylon (top left). People can order the optional fur collar trim which is also available for this jacket.

Kids hoodie


A Harley-Davidson hoodie in the colors of the Packers, go now? Almost every kid in Wisconsin would want one.

Ampal Creative® Caps

Ampal Creative® products, made in the USA, can be found in top men’s stores, and these caps (below) are made in small batches in California. These are new in The Shop and are HD Museum exclusives.


Zippo® Lighters

Classic Zippo® lighters in several different styles (above) are exclusive to the museum!

Gems of Milwaukee


In addition to Harley-Davidson branded gear, the store also features a variety of locally made gems including Beardsconsin products, Colectivo coffee, Indulgence chocolates, Milwaukee Candle Company candles and more!

Harley-Davidson Museum Annual Pass

the annual pass you get a half reduction on entry, discounts on merchandise in the gift shop, discounts on meals at the MOTOR Bar & Restaurant, free entry for children under 18 and virtual discussions in the gallery.