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Harley-Davidson Midnight Soul is here to prove a point about cheaper custom builds


Not all Harley-Davidson owners can afford to turn their motorcycle into a completely different two-wheeler by some talented hands that never seem to be lacking in this world. Generally speaking, the personalization process, with all that that entails, is expensive, even if you end up with a bike to remember.

But there are times when some people prove that you don’t have to spend a fortune to design the perfect (subjective) construct. A build that lacks flashy paint and graphics, air suspension or who knows what else, but still manages to stand out in a crowd.

The Midnight Soul, as the old Breakout we have here is called, is one of those versions. This is one of the most recent projects to come out of the German Thunderbike garage, and it’s a beauty in its simplicity.

Wrapped in unpretentious black, the Soul has been lowered by means of a special kit and now sits on custom wheels, with the rear wheel 260mm wide, slightly larger than the original one on the bike.

There are about 20 pieces that went into this build, most of them aren’t extreme enough to be the expensive type. The most expensive items, because that’s right, we have them too, are the in-house made fuel tank and the pulley brake kit.

The totality listing songs used for Midnight Soul come in at 9,400 euros in European currency, which would be $ 10,600 at today’s exchange rates, give or take. Of course, this does not include the base bike, working hours and not even the Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhaust that the bike was equipped with.

Then again, none of the many Thunderbike versions we’ve covered so far included them, but even so, almost all of them were much more expensive than the one we have here.