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Harley-Davidson Interlagos is a special 4-color Night Rod


In 1940, the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, had a racing circuit that would become known as Interlagos (its official name is now Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace, after a Brazilian Formula 1 driver ). Starting in 1973, the circuit was the staple of the Brazilian F1 Grand Prix, and over the years it has seen all manner of vehicles use its tarmac. But probably never a Harley-Davidson, especially a Night Rod.

For one reason or another, this particular embodiment of the muscular family of bikes made in Milwaukee has garnered all the attention in Europe, where a number of stores have set out to customize them into entirely new machines.

Every now and then some of these stores, as the Germans of Thunderbike say, decide to name their creations after the world’s most famous racing circuits. But there are others that do the same, like say X-Trem, another German garage on whose land we ran into this stuff here.

Having started life as a regular Night Rod, the bike was modified by the store as a sort of tribute to the Interlagos circuit. We’re not told what inspired the choice, but the finished product now features the outline of the 4.3 km (2.6 miles) Brazilian track on top of the fuel tank, and the words Interlagos Autodromo 1940 on it. its sides, where we usually find the name of the bicycle manufacturer.

The Interlagos is wrapped in four colors namely gloss black, matte black, gray and orange, distributed for maximum effect throughout the bike. The presumably unmodified frame and engine are supported by a 19-inch front tire and an 18-inch wide rear tire, both coated with Metzeler rubber.

The bike rides on Legend air suspension and features a modified rear fender with recessed LED taillights and LED indicators.

We are not to be told how much does the assembly of Interlagos cost.

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