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Harley-Davidson brings badassery to e-bikes with the Mosh / Tribute model



Let Harley-Davidson take care of giving an electric bike a cool look.

Through its Serial 1 electric bike subsidiary, Harley-Davidson presents a brand new limited edition model that is the epitome of the brand’s expertise in the field.

A year ago, Harley-Davidson decided to enter the electric bicycle market by launching its own brand, Series 1 cycle company. Note that its name is a nod to the first motorcycle of the firm, the legendary Serial Number One of 1903.

The catalog already includes four high-end models, priced at US $ 3,799 to US $ 5,599 (approximately THB 127,038 to THB 187,230). For the first time, the brand is now offering a limited edition model, the Mosh / Tribute, available in just 650 units, priced at US $ 5,999 (around THB 200,606) each.

Note that, for the moment, the brand is only distributed in North America, although it will be announced soon in Europe and, hopefully, in Asia after.

The Mosh / Tribute is based on the Mosh / CTY model but features gloss black paint, a handcrafted honey-colored leather seat and matching Brooks England leather handles, as well as a stamped brass shield mounted on the headlight. Otherwise, the technical characteristics remain the same as those of the Mosh / CTY, with in particular a maximum assistance speed of 33 km / h.

Scroll down for a closer look at Harley Davidson‘s Limited Edition Mosh / Tribute Electric Bike.

This article is published via AFP Relaxnews.