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Harley-Davidson Breakout gets a serious jerk in power, custom looks to match


A favorite model of European custom shops in particular, the Breakout has been made and remade time and time again, changing shape and form to become what its makers envision. This one is the work of a German garage called the X-Trem, but these guys weren’t limited to just modifying the visual aspects of the two-wheeler.

To get the elephant out of the room first, as you can see this thing is no longer in stock. From the rear we get a 280 wide tire kit, excavator style rocker boxes and a brand new tank to replace the deeply faulty original one as the store says.

The list is of course longer, and you can find all the changes made here but, as said, at least in this case, it’s not the look that makes the bike stand out, but the mechanical changes made that make it a monster.

According to X-Trem, the standard 114 engine on the Thing pushed 77.83 hp on the rear wheel when tested, which would be 85.6 hp on the crankshaft. It was below the levels advertised by Harley, but that doesn’t matter now, given the state of those numbers in the past.

A series of modifications, including a new camshaft, an S&S air filter, a Penzl silencer and a “Selective test bench adjustment for cylinders”, allowed the bike’s figures to go up to 114.31 hp on the rear wheel, or 126 hp on the crankshaft.

We’re not told how much it cost to turn this thing into the monster it ended up being, but the store is hinting that it could be a lot by asking customers who want something like this done for. “Please spare us unrealistic price requests. “