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Four cruiser bikes for road trip enthusiasts


Bangladesh cruising enthusiasts have the short end of the stick. Due to our strict engine displacement laws, traditional cruisers with their large, low compression engines can never tread our roads.

Despite this, there are plenty of commute-compliant options in our commuter-filled marketplace that offer the ride quality, seating comfort, and style to itch the itch of enthusiasts looking to hit the freeways with their commute.

Here are four of those examples, one of them might suit your taste.

Haojue TR 150

Price: 1,44,000 Tk

Trader: Karnaphuli group

Fans of classic cruisers will love or hate the look of the TR 150. The Shio two-wheeler resembles a cyberpunk interpretation of a classic Softail, where every smooth curve has been replaced by a hard edge.

From its heavy use of chrome panels to the ‘V’ shaped LED tail light, the design definitely stands out from the crowd.

Despite its futuristic shape, the bike is quite light in terms of features, attributed to its equally “light” asking price.

You get a pair of saddlebags (side trunk) as standard and in the context of our country, the 11.1 hp and 11.4 Nm of torque generated by the air-cooled 149 cc engine is powerful enough for long cruises. .

Bajaj Avenger Street 160 ABS

Price: Tk2,30,500

Trader: Uttara Motors Ltd

A much more “traditional” option, the Bajaj Avenger has been a favorite with local cruiser enthusiasts since its introduction in 2017.

The latest edition, the Street 160 ABS, has a refreshed look, with a smaller 13-liter fuel tank, an angular badge and new tank graphics.

Feature upgrades include a 55/60 watt headlight with a DRL “chin” and an enlarged 280mm front disc brake fitted with single-channel ABS.

The new 160.37 cc air-cooled engine develops 14.7 hp and 13.5 Nm of torque, running smoothly and pleasant to listen to.

As it stands, the Street 160 is the best “mid-range” bike on this list, mixing between a traditional cruiser and a street rod. Making it perfect for anyone looking to use a cruiser on a daily basis.

Lifan K19 165

Price: Tk2 60,000

Trader: Rasel Industries Ltd

Another bike that blurs the line between a traditional cruiser and a street rod, the K19 is arguably the most powerful bike to make this list.

Its 165cc fuel-injected, four-stroke, liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine produces 17 hp and 17 Nm of torque, which, together with its six-speed gearbox, is a powerful combination.

Unfortunately, there’s no ABS, but the massive oval LED headlight means you’ll be warned in advance of any obstructions in the road at night.

Despite the stereotypes, this Chinese bike is solidly built. And with its straight handlebars and clean lines, this K19 is the closest thing to owning something like a Rebel, at least for a few more years.

Suzuki Intruder ABS Fi

Price: Tk2,99,000

Trader: Motos Rancon Ltée

As well as being the only Japanese bike on the list, the Intruder ABS is interesting because it sits somewhere between a cruising bike and a touring bike. The bike’s Decopunk-esq design is quite unique and unlike anything else on the road.

The sui generis design is enhanced by a fully digital instrument cluster, dual disc brakes, single-channel ABS, LED DRL and a 155cc injection engine delivering 14.6hp and 14Nm of torque.

The jumpsuit makes for a pretty fancy ensemble and is backed up by an equally exclusive sticker award. But, if you want a premium product from a reputable motorcycle manufacturer, you have to expect to pay a little extra.

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