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Fitted: Horwin EK3 – Fast, powerful electric moped with a motorcycle heart


A few weeks ago I came across an electric scooter known as Horwin’s EK3. At first glance, I felt the need to research it a bit more and finally shared the results with you. However, I had no idea I was embarking on a rabbit hole trip which now leaves me saving every penny I have just to buy an EK3. Yeah, I feel like it’s cool.

Now this rabbit hole brought me to the European capital of Bucharest, Romania, where I found Smart Balance, a family business VE distributor who gladly gave me this little gem for a test drive. Why? They probably knew that I would be hooked and end up buying one myself, eventually. A few papers and a signature later, I was ready to roll.

If you haven’t heard of Horwin, this is where you’ll find out what it is. When it comes to humans, this is a team of motorcycle enthusiasts, professional racers and industry experts from a few corners of the world including Austria, China and Germany, all with their hats on. reflection.

The machineAs for the EK3, it is a moped where you can feel the whole “motorcycle enthusiast, professional racer” every time you turn the accelerator, except when you reach 15% of the levels of. battery, this is when an economy feature adjusts engine performance to ensure you reach your destination.

Since I am already on the subject of engine performance, the 2020 EK3 has a high performance mid-engine with an output of 6.2 kW (8.3 hp). It might not seem like much, but when you only have a 209 lb vehicle (no battery) packed with all that power, you won’t just feel 8.3 hp; it will hit 60 km / h (37 mph) in just six seconds. In my experience, this same power is also available uphill. You will see in the video below.

If horsepower means nothing to you, note that the chain-driven motor produces a maximum torque of 195 Nm (143.8 lb-ft) and a top speed of 95 km / h (59 mph).

Overall, the EK 3 is 74.8 inches (1900mm) long, 27.1 inches (690mm) wide, so a bit wider than the Super Soco TC we recently tested, and a seat height of 30.7 inches (780 mm); easy to assemble if you ask me.

One thing to note about the EK3 is its award winning design. When I first saw it, I quickly remembered the timeless classic, the Vespa. Apparently, I’m not the only person who likes this design; the Red Dot Design Award jury feels the same and gave this puppy the “everything is clear”.

Another important feature when looking at an EV is the battery system. For the EK3, Horwin uses a 72 volt, 10.44 Wh battery with enough power to get you up to 100 km. However, the Horwin team thought that might not be enough for you and installed a storage location for another battery; double the scope. The two battery compartments are housed under the seat cushion and can be accessed by turning the ignition key to the left.

CBS braking provides the control and safety you need, while the dual-shock front and rear suspension provides a smooth ride even when you hit unexpected speed bumps (admire the backyard. neighbor).

Depending on your dealer and whether you get a price discount, you can get an EK3 between $ 4,800 and $ 5,200 and up. Right now I need an additional $ 4,300 before I can get my hands on an EK3 for myself.

Horwin also includes some technical features to keep up with the trends. A USB port for charging your device is hidden behind the shield and will fit a wallet and phone if needed. There’s also an anti-theft system, plenty of LEDs, and a large, bright display with information like battery levels, speed, trip odometer, and even cruise control, although I’ve never used the latter feature. .

The pathLucky for you and I, I got a try with the EK3, and managed to get the old GoPro to work, although the sound can be a bit rough, and put together some snippets for so that you too can hear and feel what I have done.

Now my recommendation is this: if you get your hands on an EK3 and have little experience with motorcycles of all kinds, don’t, I repeat, don’t pull the throttle all the way. If you do, you will experience two things: the first is the sound of an airplane taking off, while the second will be you lying on the ground and the EK3 taking off on its own towards sunset. , possibly in a parked car. . Really, the whole “Motorcycle Heart” track of the title is there for a reason.

On my first ride on EK3, a miraculous thing happened, a smile. Smiles are where your happiness is, and receiving them means you’re on the right track. I know I am. The only time my smile faded while driving the EK3 was when I hit a 15% battery level and the EV went into some kind of battery saving mode, ensuring that I would return to the store, and I did.

Now Bucharest is a cramped city, especially around 5:00 p.m. when rush hour hits. But like any moped, your ability to squeeze through traffic is given by God. But, it depends on the courtesy of another driver to let you go all the way, and most do.

One of the features of the EK3 that I specifically wanted to test was the engine’s ability to handle climbs. To my surprise, the engine took up a hill and climbed it as if it was rolling on level ground; you can really feel this couple come into play.

The hill also offered the perfect traffic-free urban road segment to test the 59 mph top speed. I’ll be honest, by the time I hit 46 mph (75 km / h) and the display gauge turned red meaning I was close to top speed I continued to push but got scared and slowed down to around 51 mph (82 km / h). In addition, I arrived on the traffic.

Also, to test the engine, I took a passenger around town. Even though she and I weighed around 130 kg (286 lbs) together, the hills, the straights, the passing, the stops, the tight passages in traffic, it was all handled effortlessly. His ability to stand, and do so comfortably, was also achieved, thanks to a grab bar and footrests.

After I had driven the EK3 for a cumulative time of about four to five hours (including sitting at traffic lights), it was time to reload. At home I was able to remove the battery from the parked EK3, haul it up two flights of stairs, and in the same amount of time I drove the EV, the battery was back on. fully charged (about four hours). You can easily use it to work and recharge your battery during your shift.Conclusion
What is there to conclude. I even told you that I am currently saving to buy an EK3. Unless, by the time I get all the funds, Horwin spits out another powerful and stylish EV. If you check out their website, they are growing and have already announced another EK3 version, as well as electric motorcycles. If they look like the EK3, but bigger and stronger (they are), let’s keep our fingers crossed for these tests.

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