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BENGALURU: Have you ever imagined what doctors do when they’re not saving lives? Well, Dr Pramod Chinder loves to ride his motorcycles which he has been collecting for several years. Chinder, who is a bone cancer surgeon, has also made trips to the Himalayas and has extensively covered unusual places in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

Chinder doesn’t know exactly when his passion for cycling started. But he vaguely remembers that it was in Mangaluru, while doing his MBBS, that he began to discover bicycles. “Somehow I thought of bicycles as boys’ toys. While I was in Mangaluru, a friend of mine, who is currently a retinal surgeon, used to go to garages to renovate bikes. For me, the passion for bikes intensified from here, ”says Chinder, who currently owns a Dukati, a Harley Davidson, a Suzuki Shogun, a 100 cc motorcycle, Hero impulse and a vintage scooter, Vespa.

The 43-year-old surgeon adds that renovating the bikes in the garage has also helped him develop his medical skills. “The renovation of bicycles gave me an innovative mindset and helped me find new things. It was all about jugaad, ”says Chinder, who is part of various cycling groups.

It can be hard to imagine a doctor, who is a bone cancer surgeon, taking time out of his busy schedule to keep up with his passion for horseback riding, but Chinder says he manages to “do it”. a certain way ”. “I have surgeries that last between three and eight hours, depending on the complexities. So planning a trip is hard for sure. Once a month I take a trip from Bengaluru-Mangaluru-Shivamogga-Bengaluru. It helps me meet my parents and take care of my passion, ”explains Chinder, who has opened a specialist hospital in his village.

Ask him what bikes he plans to add to his collection, and he says he wants to have his own garage, where he can renovate bikes as well. “Having expensive bikes doesn’t mean you have more fun. I took a trip to the Himalayas on a Suzuki Shogun, which is a 100 cc motorcycle, ”says Chinder, who now takes breakfast trips to sate his passion.

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