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Evel Knievel Estate’s trial over Duke Caboom from Toy Story 4 has a hard landing


Evel Knievel’s son Kelly Knievel, through his company K and K Productions, filed a lawsuit against Disney in September 2020, claiming the studio used his father’s likeness for the character of Duke Caboom ( voiced by Keanu Reeves), according to The Wrap. In the film, the daredevil Caboom wears a white jumpsuit with a red cape and his motorbike is powered by a winding device. Caboom is also portrayed in the film as a 1970s toy, based on a Canadian stuntman. In the costume, Kelly Knievel claimed that the Duke Caboom toy, in the side-by-side photo of Evel Knievel, was modeled after her father. Further, reported The Wrap, Kelly Knievel’s lawsuit alleged that the Duke Caboom commercial pedal toys in “Toy Story 4” were based on a vintage Evel Knievel toy commercial in 1973.

Apparently, the judge did not accept the arguments of Evel Knievel’s estate and dismissed the case on Monday. The stuntman’s son reportedly claimed $ 300,000 in unspecified damages. As explained by the Bloomberg Act, this resulted in a lack of definitive evidence that Disney had intentionally attempted to promote the character by implying a connection or endorsement from the Knievel estate, or evidence that Disney had deliberately fostered the confusion. audience between Caboom and Knievel – in fact, the judge ruled, the character’s different appearance and story was unique enough to clearly differentiate the two.

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