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Color-striped Harley-Davidson styler looks like a sculpted chunk of cold metal



We’re used to having our custom Harley-Davidson’s draped in all kinds of fiery colors, as painting is very often part of a given garage’s overall vision for such projects. But there are times when choosing no color is just as effective in sending the right message.

Bad Land is one of those stores that doesn’t avoid controversy, or at least trying out ideas that others typically reject right off the bat. We have seen it time and time again this year while browsing the Japanese store’s very rich two-wheeler portfolio.

In the collection of over 130 Bad Land custom motorcycles, the one we have here is number 118. It is named after Styler, just like the Ampeg we discussed not too long ago, but this- this is completely different from anything we have seen. before Bad Land.

Initially a 2009 Rocker, the bike has been transformed into a much longer, more aggressive beast through the clever use of upgrades and added custom parts. When the job was done, you would normally have sprayed heavily encrusted paint on it, but Bad Land didn’t do that.

Instead of your usual colorful paint, the store chose for the custom fenders and homemade fuel tank a shade similar to bare metal. This makes the Styler look cool, but at the same time unique and impressive.

The motorcycle is one of the largest collections of unique Bad Land manufactured items that we have seen. Aside from said fenders and fuel tank, the store is responsible for creating everything from the air filter and exhaust to the headlight and front fork cover.

With sporty 21-inch front and 18-inch rear custom wheels, the bike rolled out the garage doors some time ago, and for an undisclosed price. Just to give you a starting point, consider an unmodified Rocker from that year selling in the used market for north of $ 10,000.