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Chinese motorcycle maker Xianglong reveals JSX500i


Chinese motorcycle maker Xianglong has unveiled a new muscle cruiser in the Chinese market. Dubbed the JSX500i, this cruiser definitely turns heads with its sporty and aggressive styling. Interestingly, however, it bears a pretty striking resemblance to the TVS Zeppelin, a concept bike set to debut this year.

Now, it’s not uncommon for Chinese motorcycle makers to borrow the design elements from other, more established brands. However, the Xianglong JSX500i is probably one of the first bikes to be inspired by a bike that has yet to be produced. Subsequently, this begs the question: does it make you less of an imitator if you copy a design that has not yet gone into production? My answer would be yes – and while there are some differences in the overall design, there’s no denying that the JSX500i took more than a few styling cues from the Zeppelin.

On paper, the Xianglong JSX500i spec sheet is adequate at best. It’s powered by a 471cc liquid-cooled parallel twin engine that puts out a decent 44 horsepower. Eagle-eyed observers would notice that the 471cc parallel twin engine is a fairly common sight in Chinese-made motorcycles. This is actually an engine found in other brands like Bristol and Loncin, and similar in architecture to Honda’s parallel twin engine found in the range of bikes. CB500.

Chinese motorcycle maker Xianglong reveals JSX500i

Feature-wise, it’s unclear exactly what the Xianglong JSX500i brings to the table. However, we do know that it has a full LED headlight, digital instrument panel, as well as dual front disc brakes, a sporty side exhaust pipe and a sturdy inverted fork. Regarding pricing and availability, Xianglong has yet to reveal the official price for this bike. However, its availability will likely be limited to the Chinese domestic market, at least for now.