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Casper Council Moves Forward with Next Phase of Salary Increases


Casper City Council on Tuesday decided to move forward with the final phase of the Graves Plan which began to be implemented last year.

The main topic of discussion was the salary freezes that had been put in place for city employees, such as police officers, since last year due to budget cuts due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Council agreed to go ahead with what the City Managers’ Office suggested, namely a salary increase for sworn police officers and others whose salaries are frozen as of January 1.

It was also agreed that in May the council would revisit the matter to see if other employees in the city, namely those who have maximized the pay scale for their position, will also be able to get a pay rise based on funds available in the general fund.

Although there have been discussions about granting all city employees some form of increased pay to compensate for the wage freeze, the council decided not to do so because it was unsure of what to do with it. it would have the funds to support this type of increase.

The Graves study commissioned by the City of Casper is due to implement the third and final phase of the study in January and hopes to increase employee wages based on a wage cut and a stepping system for the police.

Salary increases all depend on the city’s budget and will be evaluated each year, while members of the local 904 Casper firefighters union are not included in the Graves plan.

The first two phases of the study were implemented in July 2020 and 2021, with the first phase increasing vacation accumulation for full-time employees.

The second phase moved to a new pay scale for police and general employees, increased salaries for 18 employees, and increased employer contributions to the Wyoming pension system by 1% for police employees.

Based on the memo to Casper city manager Carter Napier and what council agreed to in Tuesday’s business meeting, the cost of the salary increases will be $ 260,028 to the general fund for fiscal year 2022.

In May, the board discussed the results of the Graves study and how they would proceed in the future.

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