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CAKE Unveils ‘Traffic Crushing’ Electric Mopeds At The Brand’s Lowest Prices To Date


CAKE just unveiled two interesting electric mopeds (or electric scooters, for the pedants among us) designed for extreme utility and customization. The new range of Makka electric mopeds is innovative for much more than its features. The new models also make their debut as CAKE’s cheapest bikes to date.

A first look at the new Makka electric moped models shows similarities with the modular design of the CAKE Ösa, the first electric moped in the company’s range.

The Makka is a much smaller and therefore more affordable bike, as described by the company:

“The Makka is CAKE’s most agile and compact bike to date. It’s a marvel for commuting, a lightweight and convenient machine to crush traffic with top performance designed for an active, modern lifestyle.

Much like the Ösa, Makka mopeds are designed to accept a wide range of utility accessories such as luggage racks, rear seats and other mountable additions.

This allows riders to customize electric mopeds to suit the type of riding needed.

The full suspension bikes also adopt a similar Ikea-chic modern design style that can be traced through all of the Swedish electric motorcycle company’s other models.

Unlike the Ösa, the Makka models offer slightly lower performance which makes them more accessible for local riders. With 3.6kW motors, the bikes are energetic enough for city riding but won’t overwhelm new riders.

The Makka Flex is priced at US $ 3,800 and reaches a top speed of 28 mph (45 km / h). This will allow it to be considered a “moped class vehicle” in many states and therefore not require a motorcycle license to operate.

A single 48 V, 31 Ah (1.5 kWh) battery powers the 132 lb (60 kg) bike. CAKE claims that’s enough power to give the Makka Flex a maximum range per charge of 31 miles (50 km).

The Makka Flex is approved for street use in the United States and Europe, but Europeans will also have access to a second model known as the Makka Range. With a lower top speed of just 15 mph (25 km / h), the Makka range reaches 37 miles (60 km) per battery.

Both models are fitted with studded tires to enable mixed terrain riding and come with rear racks as standard. Other accessories can be added at an additional cost.

CAKE positions the Makka line as the ultimate urban commuter bike, as Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO of CAKE, explained:

“As cities and urban mobility evolve faster than expected with cleaner and more efficient solutions, we have been eager to share the Makka: an urban short-haul vessel, compact in size and price, reaching a large audience. in the decision-making process, future means of transport will be. I am proud to present the CAKE, Makka city shuttle.

Both models are now available for pre-order in gray or white colourways with home delivery listed as available worldwide.

Compared to the Ösa Lite at 30 mph (48 km / h), which debuted at around US $ 6,000, Makka Flex’s $ 3,800 at 28 mph (45 km / h) is totally pricing territory. new for the Swedish manufacturer of electric motorcycles.

Could these new electric mopeds appeal to drivers in the United States and Europe? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

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