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Bruce Wayne unmasked from Batman and the motorcycle relive at McFarlane Toys


Batman’s Bruce Wayne gets two new, highly detailed action figures from McFarlane Toys, depicting him as both a masked and unmasked wanderer.

A new collection of action figures from McFarlane Toys celebrates Matt Reeves’ upcoming superhero movie, The batman, bringing new versions of the Dark Knight, also known as billionaire Bruce Wayne, to the public.

The likeness of actor Robert Pattinson can be seen in both masked and unmasked versions of Wayne, alongside his motorbike. Named “Drifter,” the 7-inch action figures depict the billionaire as a thug, ready for the road with a removable backpack and separate motorcycle.

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While no details have been provided as to where and how Bruce Wayne will adopt Drifter’s identity in The batman, the description of the toy teased, “In the guise of The Drifter, Bruce Wayne is able to infiltrate the Gotham City mob at ground level without revealing his true identity.” Meanwhile, the bike he rides is “a Café racer modified for top speed with minimal sparkle.” Each figure, including the motorbike, comes with a collectible art card.

So far, the marketing of The batman mainly focused on Wayne’s early years as the Caped Crusader and provided no real insight into the vigilante’s adventures as the masked “Drifter”. Presumably, the cloth mask and backpack will be used before Wayne acquires the armored suit and the bat-themed gadgets. Additionally, clips and photos released for The Batman focused on new film versions of familiar supervillains such as The Riddler and Penguin, played by Paul Dano and Colin Farrell respectively.

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The figures recently announced by McFarlane Toys aren’t the only toys to offer the public a glimpse of what to expect. A series of Funko Pops! Figures have recently leaked online, giving fans a glimpse of the heroes and villains of the films, including Batman, Catwoman, Penguin and Riddler, as well as the Batmobile and Catwoman’s motorcycle.

As much attention as these villains get, the synopsis of The batman hints that there may be a third villain involved in the as-yet-unknown plot. A popular rumor suggests that this third villain could be the iconic Joker, with actor Barry Keoghan playing him. This was apparently confirmed by Keoghan’s own brother, who wrote on social media, “So it’s finally my brother playing the JOKER in the new Batman Unreal Stuff.” However, it should be noted that no official confirmation has been given.

the Batman is scheduled to hit theaters on March 4.

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