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Brembo Brakes acquires J Juan via cash payment of 73 million euros


Well, it’s official – as of yesterday, Brembo is in full ownership of the J Juan brake systems – and this isn’t Brembo’s first rodeo to buy out companies looking for growth and knowledge in the industry. of motorcycle.

A week ago we covered an article that says Brembo used to buy startups with the goal of investing in the latest advancements in motorcycle braking technology, one of their goals being to “open their first high-tech lab in Silicon Valley, California to accelerate their” digitization strategy “.

They must be serious since the acquisition of J Juan Braking Systems did not come cheap.

Brembo press release says they have shelled out a decent amount of 73 million euros for the transaction, “paid for with available cash,” with the company’s purchases being completed within the next 80 days, with the initial transaction starting April 29.

An image of J Juan Brakes

“With this transaction, Brembo is moving forward on its journey to become a trusted solutions provider,” the press release enthuses.

“The acquisition of J.Juan allows the Group to complete its range of motorcycle braking system solutions and expand its family of brands for the growing motorcycle sector.

An image of J Juan Brakes

J Juan, a Spanish company dedicated to creating brake systems for motorcycles around the world, has long been regarded as the second level braking option, with Brembo being considered the best choice for the biker community.

An image of J Juan Brakes

We are excited to see what Brembo does with the new knowledge they have gained and what this means for the future of J Juan braking systems. What do you think? Be sure to leave a comment below, sstay tuned for updates and, as always, stay safe on the turns.