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Bajaj Pulsar EVs, KTM electric motorcycle on the maps : Bajaj Auto


Bajaj currently owns the high-end electric scooter Chetak which rivals Ather 450X, Ola S1 Pro and others. Bajaj has now established a subsidiary of the same name, Chetak Technology, to pursue its EV ambitions.

Bajaj Pulsar EV in India

Bajaj Auto’s senior executive Rakesh Sharma commented on the company’s EV ambitions and stressed that he wanted to maintain a healthy synergy between its ICE-powered portfolio and future EV products. Sharma says outright shifts in strategies aren’t necessary, and as a result, the company has reservations about going all out with its electric vehicle offerings.

Chetak Technology, which was established as a branch under the company’s umbrella, will tackle the electric vehicle space both at home and abroad. Sharma also mentions that while by 2030 half of new bikes sold will be electric vehicles, the other half will continue to use ICE power.

Bajaj has also planned a vertical and horizontal growth plan for the electric vehicle market. The executive hinted at sub-segments that could be created under the Bajaj Auto or Chetak Technology banners. It could be run as electric two-wheelers under the Pulsar brand while RE-badged EV three-wheelers can also be expected. It has also been brought to light that KTM is eager to make an electric motorcycle while Husqvarna will make an electric scooter. According to the company, its UK partner, Triumph, is not currently in talks for an electric vehicle.

Bajaj could adapt the existing Pulsar lineup to create electric vehicles that could use similar mechanical hardware and have little to no aesthetic differences. Bajaj could create a complete portfolio of EV Pulsars for the Indian market and overseas markets.

Chetak Technology is also planning global expansion and will primarily focus on ASEAN markets. The ASEAN market is a big space where Bajaj’s smaller capacity bikes could do well, as could scooters. With the stabilization of the supply chain on the horizon after the pandemic, Bajaj could aim for a significant share of the international market.